Becki Percy goes after innocent children

Becki Percy has no problem attacking other people’s children, if it serves her own ends; and if it assists in her attacking her critics.

Clearly flustered by the ongoing strong challenges by campaigners such as me, to the allegations and narrative of former Hull UK resident Becki Percy, that a cult is raping and murdering thousands of children in that city; Rebecca Percy has launched an attack on innocent children in a number of retweets.

As she was unable to find much to attack this writer with, Percy attacked other people’s children to get at me instead. This writer was involved since 2014 in fighting a false Satanic ritual abuse hoax in Hampstead London. I worked alongside others at the Hoaxtead site for over five years; which eventually saw a number of people such as Rupert Wilson Quaintance and Sabine McNeill jailed. Percy has tried to portray herself as an innocent whistleblowing victim of harrassment in the same way as people such as Quaintance, McNeill and Jake Clarke have done; linking me to her own situation as one of the people who had “harrassed” other “whistleblowers” like Clarke.

Until now, Becki Percy has been coy about linking Hampstead to her own case, perhaps worrying that others might think she nicked her idea for creating her Satanic narrative in 2016 from Hampstead, which at the time was at its peak. It is the opinion of this writer that Percy was inspired to invent her own Satanic Ritual Abuse story after researching Hampstead. I shall write more about the link between Percy and Hampstead in another blog post.

For a number of years, the children and parents at the centre of the Hampstead Hoax lived in absolute terror of being attacked, or their children abducted by crazed Satan Hunter fanatics. Supporters of the Hoax such as Sabine McNeill organised and paid for a fellow fanatic from the USA called Rupert Quaintance to come over to the UK; a twisted individual who wanted to smash down doors, carry off children, and even have sex with them. Quaintance hung outside schools that were identified as locations of the Hoax, and claimed he had a knife; which resulted in his arrest and jail time.

Becki Percy has decided to repost a tweet identifying the faces and names of some of the children and parents of the Hampstead Hoax. These children have suffered six years of having their personal details posted all over the internet; and Percy has kept this child abusive activity going with her latest retweets. The activity identifying children and their parents in the Hampstead case is harrassment, and breaks at least two court orders that protect their anonymity. In addition, children who have been subjected to child abuse have a right to anonymity; that Percy took away from them. Because of how serious the police and the courts take to protecting the victims at the heart of the Hampstead Hoax; there can be major legal implications for Percy if she continues to post harrassing information about the Hampstead Hoax victims.

Becki Percy also attacked the children of her first US family host the Moncada family. Percy allowed third parties to post photos and other personally identifiable information about the children in the Moncada family on the internet, placing them at risk. Percy constantly promoted and linked to sites that carried the information on the Moncada children; ignoring the requests by Catherine Moncada not to do this. The activities by Percy against the Moncada family caused the children and their family great distress.

Despite claiming to be a victim of child abuse and a champion for abused children, Becki Percy is highly motivated to attack people she disagrees with by going after children. What is serious is that Percy has a 22K following on Twitter alone, of people who are highly fanatical, unreasonable and conspiracy-minded; some who are completely deranged and perverted. By feeding information about other people’s children to these 22K followers, Percy places those children and their families in a state of distress and fear.

As Catherine Moncada wrote of the treatment of her grandson by Becki Percy:

My grandson understands Rebecca doxed him when she steered people to the <EDITED-REMOVED> website. His response? “What the fuck did I do to her?” It hurt him badly and it’s not ok.

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