Becki Percy the enemy of child abuse victims

Becki Percy pretends to be a champion of victims of child abuse, whilst abusing children.

Deeds shout louder than words; and when self-appointed champion of child abuse victims, Becki Percy, published the names and faces of children who had been subjected to child abuse; Percy stated to the world that she is the enemy of child abuse victims.

The children in question were tortured by their mother and her boyfriend to make allegations of sexual abuse against multiple people in the community of Hampstead in London. The children retracted their allegations, after they felt safe that they would no longer be tortured by the twisted couple. For several weeks, the children had suffered torture such as sleep deprivation, starvation and beatings; including threats to bury them alive in the desert; as they were drilled into a fiction of a cult raping and murdering children in Hampstead.

Unlike Becki Percy, the two children, aged 8 and 9, had evidence of the child abuse they were subjected to with two intimate medical examinations, video and photographic evidence. Since the mother published the medical reports, photos and videos onto the internet, I saw and read them, as did millions of other people. People posted and reposted the names, faces and the most intimate details of these two children all over the internet; for over five years, and still do, just as Percy has just done. How many times have I seen the photo of the girl with bruises on her face being published on the internet, having been hit again and again by her abusers?

Becki Percy, currently a resident in the USA, formerly of Hull in the UK, has set herself up as a public figure and spokesperson on child abuse. Percy has between 2013-2015 done extensive research on child abuse, and has volunteered with anti-child abuse organisations such as the UK based NSPCC. Percy knows that victims of child abuse have the right in law in both the UK and the USA to anonymity. So why has Percy published the names and faces of child abuse victims, such as the two children in Hampstead?

Now in their teens, the children at the centre of the Hampstead case are reading all the material published about them on the internet by those such as Becki Percy. The extent of the humiliation, trauma and distress that these children must be going through, because of what people such as Becki Percy have been doing is beyond calculation. Percy did not ask these teenagers or their legal guardians for permission to publish their names and faces to her 22k followers; she took it upon her self for her own selfish reasons to pile more humiliation and distress on these abused children by publishing their names and faces to the world.

By publishing the names and faces of child abuse victims onto her Twitter account, Rebecca Percy has participated in the abuse of vulnerable children. This is a serious matter, as she published those details to 22,000 followers on Twitter, and at least 24 retweeted that post. The followers of Percy number many perverts and crazy people, who get sexual stimulation from the narrative of sadistic sexual abuse that Percy promotes, and these are real children she has offered as meat on the table to those people.

The children in question have two court orders that protect their anonymity. Percy has broken court orders by publishing the details of those children on her Twitter account, for which there can be severe criminal and civil penalties. Many people are understandibly outraged at what Percy has done, including this writer. Considering that this writer knows the address of Percy, the contact details of the Carlsbad City Police Department, and the name of the police officer dealing with the Hampstead case, I can take action. If Percy publishes the details of those Hampstead child abuse victims again, there will be consequencies: as I will contact DC Steve Martin; and he will contact Carlsbad police; who will probably pay Percy a visit.

For ten years, Rebecca Percy has lived a fiction claiming to be a child abuse victim, without evidence; and claiming to advocate for child abuse victims, whilst abusing children. The Hampstead children have not been the first to be abused by Percy; she did this to the children of her first US family host, the Moncada family; one of the key issues that upset Catherine Moncada in relation to Percy. The Hampstead children will not be the last that Percy will abuse; for she appears to have no empathy or insight in how her selfish activities impact other people. Percy cares only for Percy; it does not matter who she hurts to pursue her own selfish ends, including the victims of child abuse.

EDIT (14/06/20) : I have to make a judgement call of if this matter of Percy mentioning the Hampstead children should be reported now, or I should wait until Percy repeats this activity. After taking advice, I have decided to report this to the police who are dealing with the Hampstead case. Percy has 22,000 followers, who she has mentioned the names and faces of the Hampstead children to; and an early police intervention might be required.

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