Are the Becki Percy claims of Molech worship in Hull UK a load of bull?

Becki Percy and her Satanic Ritual Abuse testimony is a poorly researched narrative lacking details such as the symbols, rituals and beliefs of her alleged Satanic cult in Hull UK. Percy has instead stolen ideas for her abuse testimony from Hampstead Satanic Hoax and from the testimony of Catherine Moncada. The internet is rich in information on Satanic cults such as Order of Nine Angles (O9A) who do halm children and sacrifice people to Molech or other entities; but for Percy, fiction is safer than reality, so she never mentions them.

According to Becki Percy, the people of Hull in the UK sacrifice thousands of children to a god called Molech as part of a “Satanic” cult. Percy clams the cult is run by her parents; who she also claims in her online petition against deportion from the USA plan to sacrifice her too. Percy alleges in her petition: “I also saw my parents and other in their ring sacrifice children to Molech.”

Like so many like Becki Percy, who have sold a story of Satanic cults doing wicked things to their own person and to children, the details about the religious practices, ideas, symbols and rituals of the alleged Satanic cults at the heart of their narrative are sparse on detail. One of the few details that Percy shares with the world is the name of the entity her Satanic cult worships – Molech.

Becki Percy is one of the most lazy people I have come across when it comes to an invention of a Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) story. Not only has Percy made little effort to research Satanism in order to make her narrative seem realistic, she with arrogance steals ideas from other people, then passes those ideas off as part of her own SRA narrative. Having stolen the idea for her SRA narrative from the Hampstead SRA Hoax, Percy stole the idea for Molech from Catherine Moncada; who, after describing her own abuse testimony involving Molech, was astonished to see Percy include the name of Molech in the videos that Percy produced about her own abuse testimony next day. Catherine Moncada writes in her blog:

“The day Rebecca made a video of satanic ritual abuse, she said ****, her father, her biological father, was going to sacrifice her to molech. The satanic god molech. Because according to Rebecca’s testimony **** Percy is very high up in a satanic cult. “

Catherine Moncada

Moncada adds:

“Rebecca made that video the next morning AFTER the evening she and I had sat outside and I told her of MY testimony of how “molech” came into play and was part of my testimony. The very next day she was on Twitter, tweeting the specifics of **** was going to sacrifice her to molech. Now there is the added specific of molech.

It bothered the CRAP out of me to see that. And I DID mention it to Howard BEFORE there was bad blood between anyone. I told him it bothered me.”

Catherine Moncada

What or who is Molech? Molech is a pagan god that the Jews and those in Carthage are said to have worshipped in ancient times. Molech is commonly depicted as a mix of human form with the head of a bull; and is associated with a complex creator god of time called Saturn or Cronus. There is mixed opinion amongst experts if there was ever a god called Molech, or if it is a title for a god of another name. In addition, there is debate of if the act of submitting children to the flames within the idol of Molech was sacrifice or a rite of passage of children to adulthood.

Amongst Christians, the name Molech is associated with the sacrifice of children. Amongst evangelical Christians, abortion clinics are places where children are sacrificed to Molech. The market that Rebecca Percy targets her abuse testimony to are those who describe themselves as QAnon or pizzagate believers, who believe in a conspiracy that an elite sacrifice children to Molech.

The majority of Satanists prefer to associate their worldview to the names of Satan, Lucifer or Baphomet, rather than Molech. Amongst those Satanists who believe in a literal Satan, there is limited motivation to associate with Molech, as it is a name connected to the Jewish culture.

Like most outlooks, there are extreme versions, and in Satanism, those associated with the Order of Nine Angles (O9A or ONA) do include Molech in their belief system. Although there is mixed debate as to how seriously the Order of Nine Angles should be treated, the ONA has in the last five years evolved into something far more dangerous than it was. The ONA are a global network of nexions, which has infiltrated many religions and political movements, attempting to overthrow the established order through their efforts to create violence and disorder: they are just as likely to be working inside a far right fascist group as they are within a marxist antifa group. The sexual exploitation of children and the profitable trade of child trafficking and child porn distribution has become a significant money making operation within the ONA. Amongst the ONA leadership is UK based convicted peadophile Ryan Fleming. The ONA encourage and carry out human sacrifice in a process they call culling. The ONA currently have one perhaps more brigades under training in Scotland; more and more young individuals are being arrested and convicted after coming into contact with the ONA, leading to lobby groups such as Hope not Hate calling for them to be banned as a terrorist group.

It is surprising that those such as Rebecca Percy fail to mention the Order of Nine Angles in their Satanic Ritual Abuse narratives. In the case of Percy, the O9A are very strong in the North of England, and their nexion in California USA under the leadership of Chloe Ortega (WSA 352) is local to where Percy lives in Carlsbad in California. When it comes to Satanism and the subject of human sacrifice, all roads lead to the Order of Nine Angles. The writings of the ONA are all over the internet, and they actively promote themselves and their ideas in Satanic forums and other mediums; despite the best efforts to suppress them in Satanism.

So why do people such as Becki Percy or her 22,000 QAnon supporters never mention the Order of Nine Angles in their Satanic Ritual Abuse communications? This is how twisted it gets for Percy, for it is safe to invent fairytales about her parents, pizza restaurants and Hillary Clinton being associated with the ritual sacrifice of children; but the real life existence of a dangerous true cult that harms children and kills people such as the Order of Nine Angles, is too realistic for Becki Percy; such a group within an hour drive of her known Carlsbad address in California USA might be too much reality for the fantasy making Percy’s mind to handle.

4 thoughts on “Are the Becki Percy claims of Molech worship in Hull UK a load of bull?

  1. This is always one of the frustrating aspects of vulgar conspiracism. Although the Satanic Ritual Abuse idea is largely a canard, you can find real examples of cabals that are involved in ritualistic murder. There’s a CIA report about the Finders, a group that operates in human trafficking, possibly either with a Satanic angle or just under the guise of Satanism, there’s the Monster of Florence which some believe to be part of a conspiracy and whose string of murders has been an unsolved case for decades, and as you mentioned before, the O9A embody this very trope minus the sexual aspect. All this is out there for people to seize upon, but for some reason the stock and trade SRA-mongers prefer cartoonishly absurd conspiracy theories involving Moloch.

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  2. Have you guys read the most recent news lately? A US soldier is facing life in prison for giving secret military information to the Order of Nine Angles, in order for then to kill an army unit:

    People have been underestimating this sanatic nazi cult (ONA) for years. That gives them the ability to infiltrate other groups unimpeded. Now they’ve gotten their reach in far right groups like Atomwaffen, SKD, Rapewaffen, etc.

    The WSA352 spells out their agendas in plain English in their essay here, which includes instructions for infiltration:

    They’re initiation ritual mentions children and abuse, and even uses the Pied Piper as their symbol:

    The more people let the ONA and their nexions do their stuff, without speaking out, the more harm they are going to cause. Not to mention how they make Satanism look.

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