Becki Percy will face ugly reality when she is deported

Rebecca Percy indulges in her fantasy of owning an expensive house in Texas USA, no doubt paid for by leveraging her fantasy without evidence of being a victim of sexual abuse by a cult in Hull UK at the expense of real victims of child abuse.

The fantasy that Becki Percy has played out for the last ten years as a pretend victim of sexual abuse has certainly been rewarding for her: an obsession for attention and an infantile need to be looked after. Choices that Percy has made, that would seem crazy to a normal-thinking person, has seen her living in the UK care system from the age of 14, and 18-months in a US jail; but to Percy, a reward of being looked after with no responsibility, and lots of attention. People feeling sorry for Percy have given her a platform to gain attention via social media, tens of thousands of dollars in donations, and a free stay in the USA for the last six years.

Becki Percy is a parasitic drama queen with a relentless hunger for attention

People who have dealt with Rebecca Percy discover an individual with an insatiable need for attention; an exhausting and relentless rollercoaster ride of drama, conflict and egotism that can never be satisfied. Percy is a master of deceit and manipulation, playing the system and everyone in a relationship her with an uncanny skill, that wrecks the lives of all around her. The blog site of her first US host family details the nightmare experience that Percy inflicted upon them.

Becki Percy has for ten years enjoyed the benefits of being a fantasy child abuse victim

Despite being jailed 18-months for trying to enter the USA illegally, Rebecca Percy has benefitted from an ineffective US immigration system and from defrauding thousands of deluded Christian Americans. The US taxpayer has paid an estimated one million dollars in accommodation, medical and legal costs of hosting Percy; and hundreds of Americans have donated tens of thousands of dollars to Percy whilst indulging her need for attention and being looked after.

Becki Percy has turned child abuse into a personal brand and religion

Unlike most victims of sex abuse, Becki Percy has turned her narrative of sex abuse into a personal brand, a positive religious experience called her “testimony” that only the most worthy of her followers she calls “Team Becki” can hear in full. Despite offering no evidence in support of her claims, nor reporting such claims as baby eating to the police, Percy has appointed herself as a public figure and spokesperson on behalf of child abuse victims whilst abusing those victims. Such is her delusion, when Becki Percy applied for employment or set up a business selling expensive handcrafted candles, she added her abuse narrative into her job application and branding, in the deluded belief that it would open doors for her.

The free fantasy ride of Becki Percy is about to end

The free fantasy ride that Becki Percy has enjoyed whilst walking on the faces of real child abuse victims and the lives she wrecked to get to where she is now is about to end. “Sugar mummy” and partner Wendy McAvene is unable to continue to indulge the costs of an adult woman such as Becki Percy on her dwindling life savings and nurse wages in an expensive place like Carlsbad indefinitely. Percy can no longer seek employment or run a business in the USA, as she is deemed an illegal immigrant and must leave the USA by the courts. Both Percy and McAvene run a serious risk of heavy medical bills should they get sick or injured due to their limited medical coverage, whilst coronavirus rages in the USA. And, Percy faces deportation at any moment from the USA.

Becki Percy will probably be unable to find a well paid job in the UK

When Becki Percy is deported to the UK in 2021 and is forced to find work, she will find the job market to be hard to enter. Percy has wasted the last six years of her life in the USA by failing to seek education or work. Percy has no work experience to call upon: and will have to explain to future employers why she has not worked for six years; why she claimed political asylum; why she was in jail 18 months; and the content that exists by her or by others critical of her that now exist on the internet. The UK job market is in collapse, the UK economy is wrecked, with even bar jobs getting multiple applications. Percy will enter a competitive job market where many employers demand recent work experience; which Percy has none. Well paid jobs will require more checks and more awkward questions; and dishonesty by Percy to obtain a job in the UK is fraud, and risks jail time for Percy. Because we believe that Percy poses a threat to the wellbeing of children and vulnerable people, I and others will make sure Percy is not working with these segments of society. And, despite the claims of Percy of running a business – selling expensive candles underwritten by free donations, and running pyramid selling schemes – these are not viable enough businesses that would pay her rent.

Wendy McAvene may not be able to sustain paying for Percy when she is deported

Unless Wendy McAvene continues in her sugar mummy role of paying the expenses of Percy in the UK, then she will find paying costs such as rent difficult. It is one thing for McAvene to pay for a property where they both live at in Carlsbad USA, it is another thing for McAvene to pay for both the rent of herself in the USA and of Percy in the UK. If McAvene enters the UK, this writer will make sure she is deported back to the USA, as our immigration system is more harsher than in the USA.

Becki Percy will face a criminal investigation when she returns to the UK

The day Becki Percy is returned to the UK is the day when she will be forced to account for her allegation making. People such as I cannot ignore the claims by Becki Percy that she has been trading child porn, that she has personal knowledge and participated in the abuse and murder of thousands of children in Hull UK. I cannot ignore the claims of Percy that she was in the position of caring for four small children who were murdered, where Percy neither made efforts to protect those children or report the crimes against the children to the police. It is not something that one can shrug off and reject without investigation the claims of someone that thousands of children are being raped and murdered each day in Hull UK. I shall make complaints to the UK police that Percy has been trading child porn and has been involved at some level in the rape and murder of children. Percy will account for her so-called Satanic abuse “testimony” with a proper police investigation. If the allegations of Percy are untrue, Percy has been acting in a criminal way by committing fraud and harrassment over the last ten years. Percy has obtained money and other benefits from Catherine Moncada who believed her abuse testimoney whilst living in the UK (fraud) and made allegations without evidence that her parents eat babies (harrassment.) True or not, I shall end the allegation making of Becki Percy with a police investigation which will put an end to this unending drama. Whatever people believe about Becki Percy, she does have mental health issues, so there is a high probability she will be sectioned when she returns to the UK to at least assess her mental health needs.

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