It is time to haul Becki Percy in..

When my evidence is passed to the police, Rebecca Percy will have to explain alleged crimes she was directly involved in such as preventing harm to four children in her care, failing to report child abuse to the police, and disposing of evidence (bodies) that makes her liable for perverting the course of justice and murder charges. All of this will have to be investigated by the UK police.

There has always been a fear that people who have been the subject of Satanic Ritual Abuse allegations (SRA) by accusers such as Rebecca Percy could come to harm, should anyone believe those allegations, and act upon them. My many years of dealing with the Hampstead hoax made me only too aware of the many threats to do harm to people accused of SRA, either to attack them or abduct their children. And, there has been a sigh of relief that nobody in the Hampstead case has been attacked or abducted by deluded vigilantes – so far.

In the Hampstead case the legal authorities were complacent to the point of negligence in failing to treat the allegation making seriously, allowing the hoax to spread across the internet involving hundreds and thousands of people sharing, believing, and in many cases going after the victims of the hoax via the internet. For the victims of the Hampstead hoax it was a literal hell, with even supporters of the hoax paying a thug to fly from the USA – Rupert Wilson Quaintance – who not only expressed ideas of having sex with those children, but also threatened to kick down doors and abduct children. Even now there is frustration about Angela Power Disney in Eire, who continues to publish the personal information of victims of the Hampstead hoax on the internet, with the police dragging their heels in doing anything about it.

In the last few days, the current leading promoter of SRA fictions in the UK – Wilfred Wong – acted upon his beliefs, and along with five others, attempted to abduct an eight-year-old boy in Wales. Wilfred Wong and his fellow kidnappers have now been remanded into jail pending a court hearing in December 2020. I and others had been preparing civil and criminal cases against Wong, such was our concern about his activities promoting SRA fictions.

We are now in the age of QAnon, a mass international movement that believes in the fiction that the rulers of nations are a baby eating cult of Satanists (The Deep State). QAnon has become the container for every crazy conspiracy going such as 5G masts causing coronavirus, leading to them to attack masts in multiple countries. Central to the belief of QAnon is their struggle against the fictional Satanic baby eating cult, thus they suck many people into their campaigns of saving children from sex abuse. The FBI considers QAnon as a terrorist-like movement, which has strong followings in many nations, including the UK. Wilfred Wong has close ties to QAnon; and most of the internet following of Becki Percy are also from QAnon.

QAnon has reached a point of critical mass that has gone mainstream, supported by President Trump, and with politicians elected proud to fly the QAnon flag in the USA. Those involved in QAnon such as Wilfred Wong have reached the point where they feel motivated to act on their beliefs, which in the case of Wong, was the alleged abduction of a child.

I have heard too many people say of the actions of Wilfred Wong that in the case of suspected SRA, that it is perfectly fine for vigilantes to abduct children. By the same logic these people would agree it is perfectly fine to harm the people Becki Percy accuses of SRA crimes against children. For some reason these people no longer consider it reasonable to go to the police with their concerns about the harm to children; they have turned into militants, lacking inhibitions, and they are highly motivated to act upon their delusions. I believe the threat to the victims of Becki Percy and her allegation making is starting to become real, that someone will act and harm them within this QAnon toxic environment that Becki Percy thrives and encourages.

It is time to haul Becki Percy in with a referral to the police. I have gathered enough information on Becki Percy to make complaints to the police along the lines of harrassment, fraud, perverting the course of justice and trading child porn. Becki Percy will have to explain to the police her allegations of personal knowledge of baby eating, rape, murder, kidnappings and child trafficking. It is time this allegation maker faces reality and responsibility for her actions, for we are moving to a point where someone is going to get seriously hurt because of her.

2 thoughts on “It is time to haul Becki Percy in..

  1. Something to note in light of the recent US election. People sometimes talk about how with the defeat of Trump (which even now is subject to scrutiny thanks to pending Supreme Court investigations) the QAnon phenomenon will die out, but there doesn’t seem to be a reason to think it will. People in the QAnon movement are killing themselves upon learning that Joe Biden was declared the winner of the presidency, but the movement could still be around for quite a few years. Not to mention, Trump himself might well stick around as a force in politics even if he loses as he intends to fund his own PAC to continue to mould the Republican Party in his own image. Keep all that in mind because it means QAnon will likely be here to stay for at least a few more years.

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    1. You are right, people won’t suddenly become enlightened they have a brain and will indulge in the joy of critical thinking all because Trump has been defeated. I think it will however be in the interests of everyone that government and the social media businesses bring in restrictions to curb what is becoming a dangerous movement (QAnon).

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