What now for Becki Percy in the post-Trump era?

It is anticipated that Rebecca Percy will be deported from the USA to the UK at some point in 2021.

On 20th January 2021 President Trump, upon whom Rebecca Percy has placed all her hopes upon to stay in the USA, left office, replaced by Democrat Joe Biden, whose party now control both the House and the Senate in the government of the USA.

For several years Becki Percy had urged her supporters to write to President Trump and sign a petition to demand he overrule the laws of the USA and the legal process to allow Percy to stay in the USA. Communications to Trump generally were redirected to the immigration authority to deal with, and the petition failed to garner the target of 25,000 signatures that Percy had wanted.

Percy had nailed her colours to the extreme element of the Trump support base known as QAnon, a terrorist-like movement that followed a near religious ideology that Trump was a Messiah sent from God to cleanse the world of Satan-worshipping-baby-eating elites. In the closing days of the Trump presidency, Percy urged her followers to overthrow the democratically chosen incoming government of Biden, that resulted in five deaths and a massive crackdown on QAnon on social media. The partner-cum-sugar-mummy Wendy McAvene, whom Becki Percy lives with in Carlsbad California, had her Twitter account suspended, along with tens of thosuands of other QAnon fanatics; Percy losing 5000 QAnon followers on her own Twitter account.

Since coming to the USA illegally, Percy has been clear in her support of the Republican cause (mostly the extreme elements favourable to her QAnon worldview), and has been very public in accusing Democrats and their leadership as Satan-loving-child-raping-paedophiles. One can imagine that Democrat-leaning elements in the USA will not be favourable to Percy and her cause.

Now Trump is gone, what happens now with Becki Percy? I do not believe that things will change overnight, so that Percy will probably enjoy a further stay of many months in the USA. Biden and his Democrat adminstration inherit an immigration system in chaos and a covid crisis that will take some time to fix.

Some believe that the Biden policies will be favourable to immigrants, and thus to Becki Percy. The challenge for Percy is that there will be a process, and Percy will need to meet the requirements of the process, which in my opinion, she does not. The initial problem is that Percy came to the USA illegally on a tourist visa intending to stay on a permanent basis, landing her in jail for 14 months. Percy had claimed political asylum alleging her family was going to kill her as a sex trafficking victim, but never told the US authorities of her later testimony of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Having offered no evidence in support of her claims, or any viable reason for the courts to consider she met the level requiring protection, that the UK authorities would have provided for her, Percy lost all her court cases against deportation; and exhausted all legal remedies.

Percy would also have to convince the US immigration authorities that she would be a positive asset to the USA as a resident and citizen. The problem for Percy is that the immigration authorities know that she tried to enter the USA by deception, and they have plenty of communications from people who have written to them about Percy over the years, to consider she is a person of bad faith. During the six years that Percy has lived in the USA on the charity of others: Percy has shattered two families; has broken laws, such as on harrassment; and has failed to advance herself through either education or employment. I will also send the US immigration authorities a full evidence file supporting that Percy is a person of bad faith, thus that she should be deported.

Percy has spent more than five years living a delusion, enabled by her QAnon support base such as Wendy McAvene. In that time Percy has become divorced from reality, and has done little to prepare for what I believe will be a certain deportation back to the UK from the USA at some point in 2021.

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