Why the claims of Becki Percy being afraid is a sham

There is so much that is a contradiction and fake about the allegation maker from Hull UK that is Rebecca Percy, and one of these contradictions are her claims of being afraid. Central to the narrative that Becki Percy sells to her deluded followers and to the authorities in the USA in support of her claim for political asylum is her fear of being murdered by her parents.

Despite Rebecca Percy claiming severe sex abuse, including being forced to have sex with dogs, or being forced into night hunts in the Hull UK woods, where she is raped and sees dead children hanging from trees, she expresses no trauma or triggering that would be naturally be associated with such abuse. Percy has no trouble owning a dog or enjoying walks in the wood.

Becki Percy has posted a great deal without evidence on social media of the gory ways that a cult that she claims is run by her parents have raped, murdered and eaten children; of the extensive torture, gang rape and beastiality she claims she was subjected to. It then stands to reason that anyone experiencing such things would do all they can to protect themselves, and would show the appropriate distress and trauma in response; but not Becki.

For a woman who claims to be in fear of her life from members of her own family, in a situation where she gives the impression most of her family are in this fantasy cult, Percy did not from day one seek to break away from the entire family. From around the age of fourteen Percy moved from family member to family member drip-feeding allegations against one member after another; all which were investigated by the social services and police, who found no evidence in support of those claims. Percy makes clear that for several years after her first allegation, she retained contact with family members such as her grandmother, in direct contradiction of someone in terror of their life from highly distressing abuse.

Percy gives the impression of someone who drip-feeds information and evolves her abuse narrative to meet the situation and target audience. In the early stages of her allegation making Percy would enter a relationship with a caregiver, and when that was not to her liking, an allegation would be made of sexual abuse. Percy later evolved her narrative to one of child trafficking, with her parents made as the evil stars of her narrative. Percy claimed for the benefit of Catherine Moncada, that she was in immediate danger of murder by her parents, winning her a host family in the USA and a free plane ticket. Neither the US immigration authorities or Catherine Moncada was made aware of the new twist in the abuse testimony of Percy: that she was a victim of a Satanic abuse cult, run by her parents, that was raping and murdering thousands of children in Hull; not until after she left prison for illegally entering the USA. The Satanic Ritual Abuse narrative was perfect for the US Christian audiance, that would give Percy support for the next six years of her US stay. Yet, one must ask why Percy did not mention the full extent of her allegations when the police and social workers were investigating her initial allegations.

Children who are sexually abused are often fearful of strangers and unknown situations, but not Becki Percy. Percy had no problems entering the UK care system whilst retaining some sort of contact with her family, such as with her grandmother. When I suffered problems at home, I was scared of being taken into care. The UK care system, even in the modern form, is a scary place, with many scary problem children. Neither did Percy appear distressed from being in the US prison system; nor was Percy inhibited from jumping on an airplane to live with strangers in a country she had never been to; or move states on a repeated basis to live with more strangers. Percy gives no indication of a fearful person when it comes to strange situations and people.

Children who are in fear of their life would do all they can to avoid what they fear, but not Percy. When the police and social services initially investigated her claims, she could have led them to the bodies of the graves of alleged child victims of the cult; she could have shown them the extensive scars and damage to her anus and vagina from the torture and multiple-rape. Percy could have offered enough evidence to the extensive child porn featuring herself and other children she alleged was made, enough for the extensive databases of law enforcement to pick up; since any illegal image found by the police go onto those databases.

The latest allegations of Satanic Ritual Abuse is something Percy has been unafraid of dumping onto her social media accounts, in graphic detail, naming people; making some very serious claims. Percy has however been reluctant to involve law enforcement in either the USA or the UK to investigate those claims. Peoplc have done work to put Percy in touch with law enforcement, only to suffer threats and blocking on social media from her. Percy cannot be said to be afraid of reporting things to law enforcement, as she has evidently reported her first family host Catherine Moncada to US police, and has also had Ron McAvene in her second US host family marched out of his home by the police.

When Percy had the many opportunities to share her abuse testimony with US immigration, with the US courts and with her own US immigration attorneys, Percy failed to do so, failed to offer evidence, and was in many cases obstructive to their efforts to investigate her case or help her. When Percy based her claims for political asylum to the US on the allegation she would be murdered by her parents, she offered no evidence that she had allowed the UK police authorities to investigate that claim, nor did she initiate such an investigation by going to US law enforcement. When US attorneys asked Percy for photographic evidence of scars and former injuries to her body to use in court in support of her political asylum application, something that should have been easy to provide considering the types of torture and abuse Percy claims happened that would have left physical marks, Percy failed to provide it. Rape multiple times with multiple men, dogs, horses and objects to her anus and vagina would do terrible damage; but Percy failed to offer medical reports in support of those claims. When it came to the final court appeal against her deportation, Percy failed to pay for an immigration attorney, despite having raised funds through crowdfunding to do so; nor did she enter any defence. For a woman in fear of her life, Percy at every opportunity failed to put much effort into fighting to stay in the USA, other than making unfounded allegations without evidence and raising money from donations in dubious ways.

An individual in great fear of their life would do what they can to keep their location a secret to those they allege intend to kill them, but not Percy. During her stay with both US host families, and in her most recent location in Carlsbad USA, Percy has made no effort to hide where she lives. Even if Percy is unafraid of harm to herself, Percy did not seem bothered about the wellbeing of her host families from allowing their home addresses to be known to the world; a situation that brought total terror to the Moncada family. It took this writer minutes to find the present address of Percy in Carlsbad using public records. An alleged cult that makes vast sums of money from the rape and murder of children in reality have the motivation and resources to send hired killers to murder Percy and her host families; thus, there seems a vast contradiction between reality and the narrative and unfearful behavior that Percy presents in being so open of where she lives.

The claims that Percy makes of terrible experiences of sexual abuse naturally should create severe trauma, as it does to all child sexual abuse victims, but not Percy. Becki Percy claims that she was forced to have sex with dogs; yet she currently has no problems owning a dog. Percy claims traumatic hunts at night, where she was raped and saw dead children hanging from trees; but Percy has no problems going for walks in the woods. Severe child abuse causes fear of strangers; Percy runs off to foreign places to live with strangers. Severe child abuse causes problems with touching; Percy has no problems encouraging the female “mothers” in her life to go to bed with her; a matter that she finds so arousing she is said to have orgasms from. Severe child abuse naturally causes such great distress and suffering that such victims seek help from the extensive charities, groups, organisations and medical facilities in the USA and UK; but Percy to the knowledge of this writer has not saught such support. Indeed, when Percy appears on video and photo on social media, she does not appear to show physically or mentally any suggestion that she was severely sexually abused.

Percy is on record as saying she is unafraid of anything or anyone but God. Percy, in a video that was full of venom and unpleasant malicious body language, expressed clearly her absolute hatred for her parents, whilst announcing to the world she was unafraid of them. Regardless of the hostile feelings of Percy towards her real family; and her position in word and deed of being unafraid of them; she remains reluctant to have her allegations investigated by law enforcement. One can only come to one conclusion: that the only thing Percy is scared of is being found out that her ten year sex abuse narrative is a massive fraud and lie.

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