Update on Becki Percy March 2021

An update to this blog on Becki Percy, for which there is little to report, for Percy has gone into hibernation on social media, something that she does for months at a time.

Becki Percy has enjoyed six years of parasitic joy on the charity of others in the USA through manipulation and deceit, where she has never had to work or seek an education. Percy benefits from the chaos of covid and immigration to continue her stay in the USA, despite losing her final court appeal against deportation back to the UK in December 2019.

Percy still lives in Carlsbad in California living off the earnings of enabler aka sugarmummy aka girlfriend Wendy McAvene, a nurse who has little choice but to pay for herself and the parasite Percy. Carlsbad is an expensive place to live in, so it must cost a small fortune in living expenses for McAvene and Percy.

Of welcome relief to the many victims of Percy, she has posted no new content on her social media accounts, and has lost a third of her following on Twitter, leaving only 14.9k followers at the time of writing. Since Trump left office, and Percy has exhausted all her options to stay in the USA, she has lost momentum either to focus her own energies or of that of her diminishing following of QAnon followers.

It is my frustration that there is no progress in kicking Percy out of the USA, and one faces the real possibility of waiting another year before the US authorities do anything with Percy. If there was anything to learn from the attempt by QAnon (supported by Percy) to overthrow the democratically elected US government back in January 2021, it was the realisation that the US is a total mess; for the world witnessed the collapse, paralysis and impotence of law enforcement and the military against a mob of obese noisy QAnon thugs, who invaded the US Capitol, and who came close to capturing the case that carries the trigger for launching nuclear warheads. I have no faith in the US government agencies to sort out the mess of immigration or of covid to bring about a speedy deportation of Percy back to the UK from the USA. I am of the opinion that the immigration policies of Biden will not favour Percy in gaining citizenship in the USA. I continue to keep a regular eye out for any new developments related to Percy.

Since November 2020, my focus has been on Wilfred Wong and his supporters, who allegedly kidnapped a child. Wong, like Percy, is a promoter of the fiction of Satanic Ritual Abuse without evidence. I had rather of not been involved in reporting people in the Wong case to the police, having saved that sort of activity for Percy, however, there has now been three interventions by me to the police about supporters of Wong, of which one complaint has resulted in an arrest and conviction. There is a ready and willing new market of SRA supporters in the UK if Percy was minded to cultivate those type of people to her cause, which no doubt she will try to do when she returns to the UK.

One of my key aims in posting content about Becki Percy on WordPress and Twitter has been my efforts to warn families and vulnerable people about her, for as readers of the posts on this blog know by now, she is a controlling, devious and manipulative character, who has done harm to multiple individuals and families. The problem I have found is that Google search is not picking up this content, and so much of it does not appear in Google searches for the name of Becki Percy. I have created a new site which will address the problem of low rankings on search engines with satanhunter.com, which will feature Percy, as well as many other UK Satan Hunters like her, to warn potential victims away from such people.

As it stands at the moment, Becki Percy is in a situation like a becalmed sailing ship, going nowhere, living off the charity of others; not working, or learning or developing in any way. Deportation will happen, I am sure of that, but it will be a long time in the future.

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