How Becki Percy is a religious hypocrite

Becki Percy has broken all ten of the Christian commandments, thus she is a hypocrite. If it is argued Percy has no understanding of the core teachings of Christianity, she cannot be a believer, as you cannot believe in something if you do not understand it. Percy is a fake Christian.

An ancient work called the Derveni Papyrus observed that if an individual has no understanding, then they can never be a believer. Despite Becki Percy playing up to her QAnon Christian following, I argue that she is no believer of her own Christian scripture, for she has no understanding of it. I shall give the ten Christian commandments as an example to show the hypocrisy and lack of understanding of Percy to her own religion.

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me”

Many observe QAnon is like a religion: they treat the quotes of ‘Q’ as like scripture; and their god or Messiah is Donald Trump. Becki Percy is a follower of QAnon, and most of her followers are associated with QAnon. Christianity Today considered that QAnon is a “wolf in wolf’s clothing” in that it has attempted to replace Christianity with it’s own version, where Trump has replaced Jesus as the Messiah set to save humanity. Since in Christianity Jesus is an aspect of God, and QAnon has replaced Jesus with Trump, then Percy as a follower of QAnon has a different god to that of Christianity.

“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image”

Strictly speaking, this means no image of God, or any aspect of God (Jesus) should be produced, which includes internet images. Becki Percy has produced images of Jesus across all her social media, including the banner of her Twitter account (as per below).

Becki Percy shows the image of Jesus on the banner of her Twitter account.

“Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.”

Becki Percy has said “omg” in her tweets, which means “Oh My God!”, even in tweets to her future victim-host Catherine Moncada (see below tweets). “omg” is an example of taking the name of God in vain.

Becki Percy takes the name of God in vain by using “omg” in her tweets.

“Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy”

In the Christian religion the sabbath is considered a sunday, and it is strictly speaking a day Christians should not be conducting business. Becki Percy ran a business called Gentle Aroma selling things like candles and soap. On April 14, 2019 Becki Percy made a post on Facebook promoting her business (see below image); this is a sunday.

Becki Percy conducts business on a sunday, despite it being a sabbath in the Christian religion.

“Honor thy father and thy mother”

Becki Percy has spent the last ten years making allegations against her real mother and father without evidence; and refusing to give her mother and her father the honor of a proper police investigation into her latest wave of allegations such as her accusation they eat babies. Percy has also been a part of four other families, the “mother” and “father” figures in those families were also dishonoured by her with false allegations or dishonourable treatment, as related in the many posts of this blog site.

“Thou shalt not kill”

If the story of Becki Percy is to be believed, then she played a part in the alleged murder of her sister Lily. The alleged child was in the care and protection of Percy when she alleged it was being mistreated, eventually killed. At no point did Percy raise the alarm and ask for the police to intervene to save Lily from abuse and being murdered. Percy then denied the child a proper burial or justice by disposing of the corpse in a woodland, where it supposedly remains to this day. This is one of the issues this writer will refer to the police to investigate when Percy is deported back to the UK. In UK law, if what Percy claims is true, she will be charged with the crime of murder of Lily.

“Thou shalt not commit adultery”

When Becki Percy was living with her first US host family (the Moncadas), she placed pressure on Catherine Moncada to kick her husband out of bed so that she could sleep with her. Percy also destroyed the marriage of her second host family, apparently through making allegations against Ron McAvene. Percy then convinced Wendy McAvene to sleep with her. Becki Percy evidently had orgasms when she slept with her host “mothers”.

“Thou shalt not steal”

When a false claim is made which results in monetary gain, the fraud is a form of stealing. Since leaving the UK for the USA, Percy has been involved in a series of frauds that has paid for her life in the USA. The first US host family nearly was financially destroyed through paying the many expenses of Percy, so Becki Percy created a crowdfunding campaign (see image below) to pay some of the expenses of Cameron Black, raising $3,830 for her; Cameron Black never saw a penny of it. Percy also raised thousands of dollars in another crowdfunding campaign to hire an immigration attorney for her final court appeal against deportation, but never hired one in the end.

One example of a fraud by Becki Percy, for Cameron Black never got a penny.

“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neigbour”

For ten years the life of Becki Percy is built on false allegation making. Lives and families have been ruined by Percy making false allegations without evidence, nor in most cases any motivation to report such allegations to the police to properly investigate. Of all the ten commandments, this one stands out as the most broken commandment by Becki Percy. The evidence of false allegation making by Becki Percy is explored in great detail in the posts of this blog site.

“Thou shalt not covet”

From her earliest Twitter posts Becki Percy has desired fame and money. A friend of Percy commented how she was envious of the child victims of the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse Hoax for their widespread and unwanted publicity, coveting that same attention for herself in her new life in the USA. The motivation of Percy to create a Satanic Ritual Abuse narrative of allegation making probably was inspired by Hampstead.

Becki Percy indulges in a ride around a US community looking at expensive houses she would like to own. Percy hoped to make her fortune in the USA through Satanic Ritual Abuse allegation making, that she turned into a personal marketing brand.

In conclusion

Either outright or in spirit, Becki Percy has broken every commandment of the Christian religion. Despite Percy posting regular scripture or religious-like posts on social media, it is mostly to manipulate her diminishing following. The ten commandments are one of the core aspects of the Christian religion, and Percy has been a hypocrite in pretending to be a Christian, whilst actively breaking those commandments.

If Percy was really afraid of God, then why would she be so actively breaking the core commandments of her God, such as by false witnessing and dishonouring her real and innocent parents? Is this a case of Percy failing to understand the teachings of her own religion that she so boldly and arrogantly quotes across her social media? If this is the case, that she has no understanding, therefore she has no belief, and therefore she is a fake Christian.

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