Five challenges that Rebecca Percy can expect when she is deported to the UK from the USA

If Becki Percy continues to live in her fantasy world of allegation making, and treats people as she has done whilst living in the USA, she could face being homeless in the UK.

Over the next couple of months, Becki Percy, a former resident from Hull in the UK, will be deported from the USA. Percy exhausted her final legal options back in December 2019 when the Ninth Circuit Appeals Court in the USA rejected her appeal against deportation as an asylum seeker, claiming she would be murdered by her family in the UK. Here are five challenges that Percy can expect when she is deported back to the UK.

1: A police investigation

With Becki Percy admitting to crimes, alleging serious crimes against others, and having committed fraud and harrassment; multiple complaints have been made, or will be made against her to the UK police. In addition, Percy has broken court orders protecting children and their families in Hampstead London by publishing names and faces of abused children, that has resulted in a complaint to the London police.

Everyone involved with Becki Percy desires closure with a proper police investigation, and the ending of a relentless and unresolved series of serious criminal allegations against named people by Percy. Without evidence, and with no intention of reporting those allegations to the police, Percy has kept an online campaign of harrassment going for near ten years against named people. There is now a strong motivation to have the allegation making ended via a police investigation.

Whilst in the UK, should Percy mention or repeat any false allegation against individuals, then she would be subject to further police investigations for harrassment.

2: Mental health intervention

What some of the followers of Percy think is demonic possession, is an individual who has serious mental health issues. Becki Percy has on social media admitted to having mental health problems before and whilst she has lived in the USA. The experiences that Percy claims to have suffered; and even if false, the desire to make such claims; suggests a person in need of mental health intervention. Both the police and the real parents of Becki Percy have powers in UK law to force Percy to have mental health intervention, including being sectioned into a mental hospital. Mostly everyone who are critical of the actions and allegation making of Percy, agree that she is mentally ill.

3: Employment problems

Becki Percy will be returning to a challenging economic situation in the UK with coronavirus and other factors plunging the job market and the UK economy into dire straights. Whilst there might be options for low paid work, Percy will face difficult hurdles to gaining employment. Percy has wasted five years of her life in the USA gaining no useful work experience or education. Percy will have to account for the last five years of her life; and perhaps explain 14 months in jail, and why she claimed political asylum in the USA. Percy also has a dire reputation on the internet, should any employer look up her name. In addition, Percy has no work experience, which counts for a lot in the current job market. For everyone involved, knowing the situation with Percy, she will not be allowed to work with children or vulnerable people. If Percy makes dishonest claims to gain employment, this is fraud in UK law.

4: Challenges for Housing

Without continued help from a support structure such as Wendy McAvene, Percy will find gaining accommodation in the UK challenging. The welfare system in the UK is a harsh and challenging system to navigate, that hardly pays for the living costs of those that depend upon it. Accommodation, and all the costs associated with it is expensive in the UK. Landlords are hostile to people on benefits. Percy will suffer a major fall in living standards to what she was used to in the USA.

5: Percy loses relevance to her social media support base

When Becki Percy is kicked back to the UK from the USA, her mostly US-based following will regard her as less relevant. Percy will no longer be in the USA, and will be prevented from returning for at least ten years by US immigration laws. Percy will have less time to commit to social media, due to having to work for a living for the first time in her life. Percy will be unable to leverage her abuse “testimony,” for to do so, will get her arrested for harrassment.

In conclusion

Returning to the UK will be a return to reality for Becki Percy. Percy will have drastically reduced options; and to continue to live her fantasy world, or to to treat people the way she has treated them, can be a fast way to end up homeless on the streets in the UK.

Becki Percy and her twisted concept of family

Becki Percy has the attitude that a family is one that is totally devoted to her own personality cult called “Team Becki.” Percy hijacks families to focus on her own person and needs, in the process she harms them.

Over the last ten years Becki Percy has enjoyed the privilege of being part of five different families, all which she harmed through her toxic activities and allegation making.

It is one of great mysteries as to why at around the age of 14 in 2010 that Becki Percy turned on her real family in the city of Hull UK, embarking upon a spree of allegation making of child abuse, all which were investigated by the police and found to be without foundation. There is nothing in the social media of Percy from her childhood to indicate anything sinister going on to match the narrative that she now claims at the time of writing. It seems that Becki Percy had a Jekyll & Hyde type of personality: a charming quiet and conformist personality on the one hand; and a deeply manipulative, deceitful and ruthless personality on the other hand. It is a matter of speculation as to how the canker that now reigns rampant in Becki Percy came about, such as a head injury, a trauma, or a genetic condition.

Putting together the timeline for this blog site, it was noticed that the allegation making by Becki Percy began a month after her grandmother announced to the Percy family she had terminal lung cancer in December 2009, with the first allegation being made against her own father in January 2010. Percy wrote in her blog about the announcement by her grandmother:

“Then around Christmas 2009, she told us that she had lung cancer. Time almost stopped. I cried and cried and cried. That night, I stayed cuddled up to my Nan, not wanting to let her go. But she’d had breast cancer before. She can fight this too. Surely she can. She’s such a strong lady. I’ve never been that great at coming to terms with this, that just proves it. I was in complete denial about how bad things really were.”

Rebecca Percy

Aside from the allegation making, a constant pattern in the complaints that Percy had about her parents was that she felt they did not love her. However, Percy seemed to find in her grandmother a refuge where she said she felt “safe”. The announcement of cancer by her grandmother and her rapid decline in health apparently sent Percy into crisis; and she had counselling from a teacher at her school.

Around a month after the announcement of cancer by her grandmother, issues that Percy had with her parents boiled to the surface, and she made allegations of child abuse against her father. Percy says that the teacher took her claims seriously, and the police as well as social workers became involved in an investigation, that required her father to leave the family home.

With her father out of the picture, Becki Percy was unable to achieve whatever relastionship she wanted with her mother, and she says she made child abuse allegations to her teacher about her mother.

Having had her first family shattered with child abuse allegations, Percy was sent to live with her uncle. After a few months, the relationship between Percy and her uncle’s family broke down, and Percy says she made child abuse allegations against her uncle; and according to her later claims, against other members of her family too.

What her grandmother must have felt about all these allegations of child abuse against her own family by Becki Percy is unknown, but it must have been distressing and difficult for her. All the allegations were investigated by the police and social workers, and no evidence was found to support them. In making what appears to be allegations without foundation against her family, there is the first indicator that Becki Percy lacks empathy; for despite her devotion to her grandmother, there is no insight or feelings expressed by Percy as to how those allegations must have impacted her grandmother.

Having shattered her second family with false allegations, Percy was settled with a young foster couple, who also had a two-year-old son. As before, Percy had issues with the male member of the family, and made allegations of rape against them. There was another police and social worker investigation: this allegation was also found to be baseless; the social workers began to consider Percy as having a mental condition, for which she was referred for support; and according to Percy wrote on her file that she was an allegation maker.

After what seemed to be a very cruel and heartless false allegation against a foster couple, who had wanted to give a caring and stable home to a child, and also had a very small child of their own to look after; Percy was no longer allocated to any other family, and was settled in a care home.

During her stay in the care system, Percy says she had many battles with social workers about seeking “inappropriate” relationships with care staff. Percy states in a blog post:

“When I came into care, I met a lovely lady who cared for me just as I had wanted from my mum. But, of course, she couldn’t be my mum because she was my carer. As social services said “its inappropriate”. But where else can I get that love and care I so desperately need? Who else can I go to for guidance on life’s big and small problems? People say I can get that from a boyfriend/girlfriend. But it wouldn’t be that same connection. It wouldn’t be that maternal love that I am so badly craving.”

Rebecca Percy

Percy further writes:

“Now I know, that some placements break down because of personal problems between either the carers or child/young person. However, from experience I know that its not the only reason. I’m lucky enough to be in a very warm, welcoming residential home; I’ve been here for 4 years. However, its not been smooth running. With in this time, I’ve had to fight to stay here. Social services have tried to move me 5 times, each time coming back with a different excuse. “The relationships you’ve made with your carers is inappropriate” “You need to be more independent” “You’re 18 now, you shouldn’t be living in a children’s home”.”

Rebecca Percy

According to her first US family host Catherine Moncada, Percy had said care workers were inappropriate with her; and also, that during her detention in a jail facility in the USA, several officers were inappropriate to her. Moncada also says that a list of parents existed during the time Percy was in care, who did not want Percy anywhere near their children. Overall, there is a suggestion that the inappropriate behaviour of Percy, together with her allegation making, was a cause of a great deal of anxiety to anyone who dealt with her.

Becki Percy stayed with her fourth family, the Moncada family in the USA from 2015, after convincing Catherine Moncada of her abuse narrative, and that her life was in danger. Catherine Moncada gave Percy three years of her life, and has recorded an intimate record of her unhappy experiences with Percy in her blog. Moncada for instance writes:

“I told Rebecca’s attorney if she would have come into my home and family as an enemy and done as much damage? I would have shot and killed her but she came in as a friend.

Rebecca came to our home and began the manipulation of the entire household the day she got there. Every day, every minute of the day needed to be about her.

Faking amnesia to not be able to remember my daughter or her son. Why was Rebecca “X’ing” out these people? They are my family for goodness sakes.”

Catherine Moncada

It is through the blog posts of Catherine Moncada that a picture of Becki Percy emerges of someone who is deeply manipulative, deceitful and self-obsessed. Percy was not so much motivated to be part of a family, as to hijack it to service her own needs and rampant narcissism. For the Moncada family Percy was an exhausting rollercoaster of constant drama and attention seeking, that demanded all their attention be focussed upon her. Moncada writes in a blog addressed to Percy:

“6) If you have dominated and manipulated an entire family for over three years? You do have a modicum of responsibility and the contempt you have shown has further endangered my family.”

Catherine Moncada

What was also evident in the writings of Catherine Moncada about Percy, was the lack of empathy or insight she had in her attitude and actions towards that family. An example of this lack of empathy was the deeply distressing events around an alleged kidnapping of a friend of Becki Percy, as detailed by this blog post. This writer further noticed the irritation and coldness Percy expressed to the children in the Moncada family in various now deleted videos.

A chilling idea that emerges from reading the blog posts of Catherine Moncada about Becki Percy is that Percy seems to express her definition of family as being people who are slavishly devoted to herself. Percy behaves in the manner of a cuckoo in eliminating opposition either by allegation making or encouraging individuals to leave their family. Catherine Moncada writes:

From my interactions with Rebecca, she has one goal. For everyone to be on Team Bex or Team Becki. It’s all about her. People who have been around longer have said they feel the same. Even Howard agreed Rebecca has an inordinate desire for attention.

Catherine Moncada

Moncada wrote about the kidnapping event, how she was pressured to change her life so to better meet the needs of Becki Percy; to cast her husband out of bed so Percy could sleep with her; and to even abandon her own family to go off on a religious adventure with Percy. One has the impression that Mr Moncada is not the boss of the Moncada household, which probably saved him from being the target of allegations from Percy.

Towards the end of 2017 the relationship between Percy and the Moncada family collapsed, and Percy abandoned that shattered family to live with her fifth family the McAvenes in Texas. Where Percy used to call Catherine Moncada “mum”, she now called Wendy McAvene mum.

What happened in the McAvene family comes from conversations Catherine Moncada had with members of that family after Percy contributed to the destruction of the McAvene family. Evidently, Percy made allegations against her new “dad” Ron McAvene, had called the police, who escorted him out of his own home. The 25+ year marriage of Ron and Wendy McAvene ended in divorce, and they sold their home. Wendy McAvene abandoned her marriage, home, job and family to go off with Percy back to California, echoing possibly a similar process of grooming as Percy had done with Catherine Moncada. Wendy McAvene comes over as a weak character, who appears to have been dominated by Percy, much to the concern of some four members of the McAvene family.

It appears that for Rebecca Percy her concept of family is akin to demanding that her “family” enter into some cult experience of her person and abuse “testimony”. Catherine Moncada writes of the experiences of some of the McAvene family of Percy:

“Since I wrote the blogs; I was contacted by Wendy McAvene’s family. Rebecca and Wendy may or may not know who. I protect their identity because they don’t need anymore grief than they’ve already experienced. They were told they were not WORTHY of hearing Rebecca’s entire testimony. These people had questions, fears and concerns. Wendy told them they were not WORTHY of hearing. I saw the screen shots. Why is Wendy McAvene telling her own family they are not WORTHY of hearing Rebecca’s testimony? They were afraid. Were they in danger of kidnappings? They are counted “NOT WORTHY” to be told.”

Catherine Moncada

Moncada further writes (addressed to Becki Percy and Wendy McAvene):

“Rebecca? Wendy? Why did you think it was prudent to insist family members go to the altar and pray with you after you surprise them at their church? Their house of worship. Why did you surprise them? Church is a sanctuary. The House of God. The altar is a place of reverence. NOT a place to settle a personal vendetta in case you’re confused. If you aren’t confused? It’s wicked. You DO NOT strong arm people into going to the altar with you to pray people see it your way. I’m not inserting MY perception of the scenario – that’s how they felt.

What about counseling? Rebecca? Wendy? Why did y’all INSIST the entire family attend counseling? Counseling? Because they had questions of Rebecca’s “testimony”? What? Why did ALL have to be in attendance? ALL were not going to go. Did y’all realize this and decide it was a stipulation so there could be no meeting? No answers? Why? Don’t y’all love and support the rest of the family? Why are they the outcasts now? Because they had questions? Do y’all even know WHAT questions they had or did it even get that far? Why is the “rest of the family” not WORTHY? That gets me. “Not worthy”. Wow. I can’t imagine how they felt.”

Being part of a family can be a deeply emotionally and satisfying experience for those who have no family. No family is perfect, but the sign of a healthy family is that all members can compromise, and can feel they belong to each other without feeling abused or controlled.

Having inflicted harm upon five families, Becki Percy has an unhealthy and sinister concept of what family means to her: one thaat must be devoted totally to her person and her needs. Percy enters into her family relationships much like a cuckoo; eliminating those she thinks are rivals, especially the male figures, by making allegations against them. Through manipulation and deceit Percy grooms those she thinks are weaker by isolating them from their family and friends, and making them totally focussed and attentive to her person and needs. Becki Percy enters into her family relationships as a parasite and a predator: not to become empowered through the emotional and nurturing qualities of family relationships, but to hijack family to become an object of slavery to her own personality cult that she calls “Team Becki”.

In conclusion, Percy has no desire for family, she only desires slaves to her personality cult. In hijacking families to service her own needs, Percy destroys them in the process. Five families have been shattered, how many more families will Becki Percy harm?