Did Becki Percy fake a kidnapping in Hull UK?

Did former Hull UK resident Becki Percy fake a kidnapping in that City?

Over three weeks between August and September 2017, the first US family to host Rebecca Percy in their home, the Moncada’s, experienced a dramatic and traumatic event involving the alleged kidnapping of a best friend of Percy in Hull UK. The kidnapping was apparently the cliff hanger moment when Percy had demanded that Catherine Moncada abandon her family to follow Percy on some religious adventure into the unknown; and also was the moment Percy decided to abandon the Moncada family to live with a second US host family in Texas, the McAvenes.

Catherine Moncada describes the bizarre event of the kidnapping, and the highly traumatic impact it had on her family on her blog. Moncada says of the impact of the kidnapping:

“Faking a kidnapping which our entire household BELIEVED at the time. We REACTED as though there was a kidnapping. We believed it. How do y’all react to a kidnapping? It scares the crap out of you. We had an 8 year old child in our household, PLACED by social services. That child’s home and safety were endangered. All of us. We were terrified. My husband stayed at the house alone with the lights on, doors open and his service revolver (retired law enforcement), praying for someone to come through the door. This was real. To all of us.”

Catherine Moncada (first US host family of Becki Percy)

Moncada describes the distress of another child in her household as a result of the alleged kidnapping:

How can I say many families have been devastated by Rebecca? Assuredly my family. Multiple members. The underage youth Rebecca thinks nothing of was extremely hurt. And terrified.

I hope people can see and understand I had to have a sit down with this youth and explain kidnappings and HOW do you practice safety? We had to have a kidnapping safety meeting. After we believed there WAS a kidnapping. Can people get a true picture of the emotions? The emotional roller coaster?

Catherine Moncada

Apparently, the events of the kidnapping unfolded with Becki Percy claiming to have been contacted by her best friend in Hull UK. Initially, things seemed confused, as to who was kidnapped, and by whom. Moncada was then put in contact with the friend of Percy via Facebook.

The kidnapping was weird to say the least. Moncada says that after she was kidnapped, the best friend was tied to a table for two to three days, and made to watch child porn videos of Becki Percy as a child and other children being sexually abused on a constant loop, including a reference to child-animal sex. The best friend was kept in a room set up as a sort of shrine to Becki Percy with wall to ceiling photos of Becki Percy at different ages, including child porn images of her, which Moncada in her own words describes as “wicked” images. The family of Becki Percy were accused of being behind the kidnapping. The alleged kidnap victim was then released, and she made contact with Percy and Moncada. Catherine Moncada says of the kidnapping:

“According to this person, (she) there is a building she was taken to. Where there is a wall dedicated to Rebecca. An entire wall like a shrine type thing but the pictures are wicked, mostly, I guess. Top to bottom. Wicked pictures. Of Rebecca. Of varying ages was my understanding.

A collage. Floor to ceiling. It was described as a sort of shrine wall dedicated to wicked pictures of Rebecca and horrid situations. (My words).

Evidently there was no avoiding seeing this wall.”

Catherine Moncada

Moncada further states:

“From what I was told she, the kidnapped victim, was secured to a table and made to watch pornographic videos of Rebecca. On a loop. Non stop. Like a torture.

As was related to me the videos were varying. Wicked. Certain people were identified in video.”

Catherine Moncada

During the dramatic period of the alleged kidnapping, the Moncada family fled their home in fear for several weeks, leaving Mr Moncada at home armed against what they thought would be an impending attack on their home and family by the alleged Hull-based Satanic cult.

What struck Catherine Moncada as odd about the whole kidnapping situation was that the kidnapping seemed very focussed on the subject of Becki Percy. Even the alleged kidnap victim seemed more concerned about the suffering of Becki Percy than her own apparent recent trauma. Moncada says:

“They/she was not forthcoming with information. She was insistent she wanted to tell me, wanted me to know what happened but words failed her. It could take up to three days to receive this information she wanted me to have.

All of these horrific crimes yet no one can say “anal sex” or something similar.

The focus was always “what Rebecca went through”. She had seen it on video and it was horrific.

The direction of conversation was always back to Rebecca.”

Catherine Moncada

Moncada makes the point that trauma victims usually have something to say about their own trauma rather than focussing all the attention on someone else:

“To interject here. While I’m having these ‘conversations’ I’m wondering where trauma for herself comes in.

If you are kidnapped and held against your will for two days, three nights, caused to watch these horrific, graphic videos on a loop, where does it come out? The conversation was always “what Rebecca went through.””

Catherine Moncada

After the Moncada family and Percy returned home, the communications with the alleged kidnap victim took a more sinister turn, with pressure focussed on Catherine Moncada to focus all her attention upon Becki Percy and her needs, and to abandon her family to embark upon a sort of religious journey with Percy. The mother of the alleged kidnap victim added to the pressure by playing on the religious beliefs of Moncada. In some respects Moncada gave in to some of these manipulations by allowing Percy to sleep in her bed until she abandoned the Moncada family to live with the McAvenes in Texas. Moncada writes:

“By the time we returned to the house, Rebecca was sleeping with me. In my room. In my bed. The second party to these conversations from England was insistent Rebecca must go to my room. They told me they were sure my elderly husband wouldn’t mind sleeping in Rebecca’s room. I was NOT keen on the idea of having Rebecca in my room. I needed space. The 2nd party was insistent. She was telling me from England “You need to do this.” The End. (Check) I complied but I can tell you right here is literally where I stopped brushing my teeth.

I felt my personal space kept getting infringed and it was getting to me. I wasn’t unaware and it was a decided choice. (Dr. Danielle?)

Rebecca was in my bed until she left for Texas.”

Catherine Moncada

Catherine Moncada is a deeply religious person, and the kidnapping story, the kidnapping victim and the kidnap victim’s mother had a regular religious tone to them:

“Reportedly this crime was reported to authorities. According to this accounting the authorities said “Oh, you had sex with a boyfriend and stayed away. Your religion is against it.”

There were a lot of religious connections.”

Catherine Moncada

Moncada adds:

“There was an adamant push to have me leave my home and strike off with Rebecca. That’s why I said in the one blog. “These people (two) were prophesying over my life.” This insistence I leave my home. In Christian world, that’s a big deal. A Believer prophesying over your life.”

Catherine Moncada

It was the strong attachment that Catherine Moncada had to her own family that finally snapped her out of the strange enchantment Percy, the alleged “kidnap” victim and their mother had over her. Moncada refused to abandon her own family. Moncada said:

“This contact and conversation was all after ‘the kidnapping’. And the focus was always Rebecca and how I could improve myself for her. To meet her needs.

As though I had no needs of my own. As though I had no other family. Everything was Rebecca.”

Catherine Moncada

From day one it appears Becki Percy had been manipulating the Moncada family to fully focus on her needs:

“Rebecca came to our home and began the manipulation of the entire household the day she got there. Every day, every minute of the day needed to be about her.”

Catherine Moncada

Catherine Moncada describes how her whole experience with Becki Percy, including the alleged kidnapping nearly broke her mind:

Had Rebecca gone on to live her life and left me out? I would not be here. Nor published a blog. I originally wrote the blogs to HELP me disseminate what I was dealing with. It about broke my mind. My husband was worried. I made it through. It was not a good journey nor the outcome I wanted. If people think I wanted to admit I had been taken by this testimony of trafficking and satanic ritual abuse? Are you crazy? I mean really. Be reasonable and rational for a minute. I put three years of my FAMILY, resources and emotions into this testimony. Do you think this was anything less than devastating? Let me assure you. It was devastating. It about broke MY mind. Bigger and better people than me could possibly deal with this better than me. Possibly. Except it wasn’t someone else. It wasn’t YOU, the reader and I can only give a GLIMPSE of the reality and nothing of the emotional cost.

Catherine Moncada

Whilst Catherine Moncada was able to shake off the hold Becki Percy seems to have over people, others such as Wendy McAvene appear to have fallen to the manipulations. Wendy McAvene and the McAvene family were the second US family to host Percy; and Wendy McAvene threw away her marriage, home, job and family to strike out with Becki Percy; and is at the time of writing living with Percy in California USA. Moncada writes of Percy:

A person can get an idea if they read all of the Becki Percy blogs I’ve written. The lies. The deceit. The manipulation. The other victims.

Catherine Moncada

It appears that despite the claims of the alleged kidnap victim contacting the Hull UK police, no crime reference or police officer dealing was provided. Kidnapping in the UK is a serious crime, that comes with a life jail sentence. It is unlikely that the police would reject a claim of kidnapping without firstly investigating it, which means they would have contacted Catherine Moncada and Becki Percy. In UK law, religious discrimination by the police is also unlikely to be a reason for rejecting a crime report, without serious comeback by UK politicians and the UK media.

Although surprising, considering the trouble the alleged kidnapping caused the Moncada family, there was no follow through by trying to contact their own or the UK police authorities. However, Moncada writes in her blog that she has more information about the kidnapping that she has not disclosed in her blog postings. It is likely that UK law enforcement will eventually investigate the various strands of the allegations and activities of Becki Percy, including the alleged kidnapping, and will at some point make contact with the Moncada family.

Of the alleged kidnapping victim and their mother, as if by magic, these individuals vanished into thin air. The Facebook account that the alleged kidnap victim used to contact Catherine Moncada has disappeared, and Moncada has been unable to track these people down. Like so much of the epic drama of Becki Percy, there are many smoke and mirrors; leaving only a trail of carnage and victims as testimony of her passing, as Percy moves from one victim to another on her quest for fame and attention.

Becki Percy continues to bury head in the sand

Becki Percy from Hull refuses to take responsibility for her allegation making by providing evidence or going to the police; instead, Percy buries her head in the sand, whilst the targets of her allegations suffer distress.

The trope of ostriches burying their head in the sand continues to be true of former Hull UK resident and allegation maker Rebecca Percy; who continues to avoid responsibility for her allegation making by failing to offer evidence in support of them or going to the police. The term burying your head in the sand relates to the infantile response of denying responsibility of your actions; or of the reality of your situation.

Most recently, Percy published the names and faces of abused children to her 22,000 followers on Twitter. The children in question had the right of anonymity in both US and UK law; and were in addition, protected by two court orders that reinforced their right to anonymity. Percy broke those court orders, and denied the children their right to anonymity, by publishing their names and faces; in effect, abusing those children. There was condemnation of Percy, and rather than do the right thing, and remove the post, Percy declared she was a victim of harrassment, and requested prayers for her “battles”.

Amongst the many responsibilities of being an adult in society, is the ability to accept responsibility for your actions. So, it goes to say that when an individual such as Percy claims to be a champion of abused children; she does not then go ahead and abuse children; or deny those children their rights in law to privacy and anonymity. And, with responsibility, comes consequencies for irresponsible action. So, in the case of the children that Percy abused, there was a referral to the police. If anything comes of this referral, Percy will claim a conspiracy, as people of her type do.

When Becki Percy alleges named people are raping children, then she has adult responsibilities to take ownership of her allegations. Firstly, there is the question of evidence: what evidence does Percy have to support her allegations? Secondly, there is the urgency to rescue children from harm and to give them justice via reporting such allegations to the police. Percy has failed to follow through with her internet allegation making by providing evidence or reporting those allegations to the police.

I can allege that Percy broke two UK laws by failing to protect her alleged baby sister “Lily” from harm in her role as babysitter; and of perverting the course of justice by disposing of the body of “Lily”. As a responsible adult, I offer evidence of my allegation – a video where Percy states these things. As a responsible adult, I will report these potential crimes to the UK police via my local police station when Percy is deported back to the UK. In contrast, Percy claims her parents eat children: Percy offers no evidence for these allegations; nor, has she reported this to law enforcement.

It seems such a simple thing to offer evidence in support of allegations, and to report those allegations to law enforcement. Percy has had opportunities to offer evidence: in US court hearings, meetings with her lawyers and immigration officials; and to those who have offered her media interviews. In all cases, Percy makes allegations without evidence. It eventually reaches the point that everyone involved with Percy must question why she is unable to offer evidence; to even question the honesty of her claims.

Percy acts like the ostrich by avoiding the responsibility of providing evidence for her allegations, and reporting those allegations to the police. Percy instead blocks and threatens people on her social media. Percy demands prayers, signing of petitions, harrassment of people asking her questions. Percy attacks her critics in any way she can: by making untrue allegations; or asking others to threaten and bully them; even, attacking their children.

It is a challenging situation for the reasonable thinking person to treat the allegations of Rebecca Percy as honest, when she fails to offer evidence or go to the police. But, people who are the subject of the allegation making by Becki Percy have suffered for up to ten years from a constant stream of allegations, which for them must be distressing. And when Percy does get deported from the USA, Percy will finally have to face the consequencies of that allegation making.

Becki Percy the enemy of child abuse victims

Becki Percy pretends to be a champion of victims of child abuse, whilst abusing children.

Deeds shout louder than words; and when self-appointed champion of child abuse victims, Becki Percy, published the names and faces of children who had been subjected to child abuse; Percy stated to the world that she is the enemy of child abuse victims.

The children in question were tortured by their mother and her boyfriend to make allegations of sexual abuse against multiple people in the community of Hampstead in London. The children retracted their allegations, after they felt safe that they would no longer be tortured by the twisted couple. For several weeks, the children had suffered torture such as sleep deprivation, starvation and beatings; including threats to bury them alive in the desert; as they were drilled into a fiction of a cult raping and murdering children in Hampstead.

Unlike Becki Percy, the two children, aged 8 and 9, had evidence of the child abuse they were subjected to with two intimate medical examinations, video and photographic evidence. Since the mother published the medical reports, photos and videos onto the internet, I saw and read them, as did millions of other people. People posted and reposted the names, faces and the most intimate details of these two children all over the internet; for over five years, and still do, just as Percy has just done. How many times have I seen the photo of the girl with bruises on her face being published on the internet, having been hit again and again by her abusers?

Becki Percy, currently a resident in the USA, formerly of Hull in the UK, has set herself up as a public figure and spokesperson on child abuse. Percy has between 2013-2015 done extensive research on child abuse, and has volunteered with anti-child abuse organisations such as the UK based NSPCC. Percy knows that victims of child abuse have the right in law in both the UK and the USA to anonymity. So why has Percy published the names and faces of child abuse victims, such as the two children in Hampstead?

Now in their teens, the children at the centre of the Hampstead case are reading all the material published about them on the internet by those such as Becki Percy. The extent of the humiliation, trauma and distress that these children must be going through, because of what people such as Becki Percy have been doing is beyond calculation. Percy did not ask these teenagers or their legal guardians for permission to publish their names and faces to her 22k followers; she took it upon her self for her own selfish reasons to pile more humiliation and distress on these abused children by publishing their names and faces to the world.

By publishing the names and faces of child abuse victims onto her Twitter account, Rebecca Percy has participated in the abuse of vulnerable children. This is a serious matter, as she published those details to 22,000 followers on Twitter, and at least 24 retweeted that post. The followers of Percy number many perverts and crazy people, who get sexual stimulation from the narrative of sadistic sexual abuse that Percy promotes, and these are real children she has offered as meat on the table to those people.

The children in question have two court orders that protect their anonymity. Percy has broken court orders by publishing the details of those children on her Twitter account, for which there can be severe criminal and civil penalties. Many people are understandibly outraged at what Percy has done, including this writer. Considering that this writer knows the address of Percy, the contact details of the Carlsbad City Police Department, and the name of the police officer dealing with the Hampstead case, I can take action. If Percy publishes the details of those Hampstead child abuse victims again, there will be consequencies: as I will contact DC Steve Martin; and he will contact Carlsbad police; who will probably pay Percy a visit.

For ten years, Rebecca Percy has lived a fiction claiming to be a child abuse victim, without evidence; and claiming to advocate for child abuse victims, whilst abusing children. The Hampstead children have not been the first to be abused by Percy; she did this to the children of her first US family host, the Moncada family; one of the key issues that upset Catherine Moncada in relation to Percy. The Hampstead children will not be the last that Percy will abuse; for she appears to have no empathy or insight in how her selfish activities impact other people. Percy cares only for Percy; it does not matter who she hurts to pursue her own selfish ends, including the victims of child abuse.

EDIT (14/06/20) : I have to make a judgement call of if this matter of Percy mentioning the Hampstead children should be reported now, or I should wait until Percy repeats this activity. After taking advice, I have decided to report this to the police who are dealing with the Hampstead case. Percy has 22,000 followers, who she has mentioned the names and faces of the Hampstead children to; and an early police intervention might be required.

Rebecca Percy and the Hampstead Hoax connection

Has Becki Percy been inspired to invent a Satanic Ritual Abuse narrative by reading about the Hampstead case? There is some evidence for this; and Percy has been promoting her own association with Hampstead by linking those who fought the Hampstead case with those who challenge her own narrative.

It has long been my opinion that Rebecca Percy developed her false Satanic Ritual Abuse narrative after reading about the Hampstead Hoax. Before Percy left Hull UK for the USA, and during her time in jail, Percy never mentioned Satanic Ritual Abuse; then began posting video and internet posts, transforming a child abuse and trafficking story into a full blown Satanic narrative of ritualistic sacrifice and rape of children by a Satanic cult in the second half of 2016, after her release from prison. As Catherine Moncada, who Percy stayed with after leaving prison in the USA, says:

To explain Rebecca’s ‘testimony’ from MY END; Rebecca ADDED the satanic ritual abuse AFTER 15 months in immigration jail and coming to my house.

This concerns approximately 19 months of constant communication and was NOT part of her testimony to me OR others. Rebecca’s testimony has grown and been added to.

Catherine Moncada (Percy stayed with the Moncada family after leaving prison.)

The Hampstead Hoax centered on the claims of two children, who had been coached and tortured by their mother and her boyfriend into making claims that a Satanic cult existed in Hampstead London, that was alleged to be raping, murdering and eating children; which involved everything and everyone that the children had contact with from their teachers, to McDonalds to their own loving father. The hoax emerged in late 2014 and had reached a peak in 2016, the same year Percy was released from prison.

Percy had apparently been researching the Hampstead Hoax, and was aware of all the facts of the case. Percy tweeted in 2018:

Although supporters of both Percy and of the Hampstead Hoax tried to get her involved in that case, she largely avoided being drawn in, desiring to create her own version of the story. However, Percy was happy to become associated as another “victim” of harrassment of the same people fighting the Hampstead Hoax, and thus linked by association. Percy tweeted in 2018:

Hoaxtead had only taken a passing interest in Percy due to my involvement in her case. As Percy only made a few mentions of the Hampstead case, Hoaxtead was mostly indifferent to her, apart from a few blog posts during quiet moments in the Hampstead case.

According to Catherine Moncada, the one who hosted Percy in her family during 2016; a former friend of Percy said that Becki Percy was inspired by the Hampstead children to become another “internet sensation” using a Satanic Ritual Abuse narrative. Moncada wrote on Twitter in 2020:

Most recently, Percy has used my association with the Hampstead case to boost her own narrative, inferring a sinister connection between her own case and that of the Hampstead children. Percy wrote on Twitter in June 2020:

It seems that Percy has been inspired to parasite off the Hampstead case to boost her own fake narrative; and perhaps decided a full blown Satanic ritual abuse story would propel her to fame and fortune in the USA.

Becki Percy goes after innocent children

Becki Percy has no problem attacking other people’s children, if it serves her own ends; and if it assists in her attacking her critics.

Clearly flustered by the ongoing strong challenges by campaigners such as me, to the allegations and narrative of former Hull UK resident Becki Percy, that a cult is raping and murdering thousands of children in that city; Rebecca Percy has launched an attack on innocent children in a number of retweets.

As she was unable to find much to attack this writer with, Percy attacked other people’s children to get at me instead. This writer was involved since 2014 in fighting a false Satanic ritual abuse hoax in Hampstead London. I worked alongside others at the Hoaxtead site for over five years; which eventually saw a number of people such as Rupert Wilson Quaintance and Sabine McNeill jailed. Percy has tried to portray herself as an innocent whistleblowing victim of harrassment in the same way as people such as Quaintance, McNeill and Jake Clarke have done; linking me to her own situation as one of the people who had “harrassed” other “whistleblowers” like Clarke.

Until now, Becki Percy has been coy about linking Hampstead to her own case, perhaps worrying that others might think she nicked her idea for creating her Satanic narrative in 2016 from Hampstead, which at the time was at its peak. It is the opinion of this writer that Percy was inspired to invent her own Satanic Ritual Abuse story after researching Hampstead. I shall write more about the link between Percy and Hampstead in another blog post.

For a number of years, the children and parents at the centre of the Hampstead Hoax lived in absolute terror of being attacked, or their children abducted by crazed Satan Hunter fanatics. Supporters of the Hoax such as Sabine McNeill organised and paid for a fellow fanatic from the USA called Rupert Quaintance to come over to the UK; a twisted individual who wanted to smash down doors, carry off children, and even have sex with them. Quaintance hung outside schools that were identified as locations of the Hoax, and claimed he had a knife; which resulted in his arrest and jail time.

Becki Percy has decided to repost a tweet identifying the faces and names of some of the children and parents of the Hampstead Hoax. These children have suffered six years of having their personal details posted all over the internet; and Percy has kept this child abusive activity going with her latest retweets. The activity identifying children and their parents in the Hampstead case is harrassment, and breaks at least two court orders that protect their anonymity. In addition, children who have been subjected to child abuse have a right to anonymity; that Percy took away from them. Because of how serious the police and the courts take to protecting the victims at the heart of the Hampstead Hoax; there can be major legal implications for Percy if she continues to post harrassing information about the Hampstead Hoax victims.

Becki Percy also attacked the children of her first US family host the Moncada family. Percy allowed third parties to post photos and other personally identifiable information about the children in the Moncada family on the internet, placing them at risk. Percy constantly promoted and linked to sites that carried the information on the Moncada children; ignoring the requests by Catherine Moncada not to do this. The activities by Percy against the Moncada family caused the children and their family great distress.

Despite claiming to be a victim of child abuse and a champion for abused children, Becki Percy is highly motivated to attack people she disagrees with by going after children. What is serious is that Percy has a 22K following on Twitter alone, of people who are highly fanatical, unreasonable and conspiracy-minded; some who are completely deranged and perverted. By feeding information about other people’s children to these 22K followers, Percy places those children and their families in a state of distress and fear.

As Catherine Moncada wrote of the treatment of her grandson by Becki Percy:

My grandson understands Rebecca doxed him when she steered people to the <EDITED-REMOVED> website. His response? “What the fuck did I do to her?” It hurt him badly and it’s not ok.

Why I give so much focus on the false allegation maker Becki Percy

There is a price to fighting unjust people like Becki Percy; and it is always the few fighting against the many.

Rebecca Percy, that allegation maker from Hull in England, is my final campaign I will ever fight in my life in this world. I have become disillusioned, where it seems the world favours and rewards the parasitic unjust person like Percy. Vast numbers of people cast aside reason, empathy and justice to support the unjust doing unjust actions to innocent people. It takes a large amount of resources to make even the smallest dent against someone like Percy. A dozen people challenge Percy, who commands under her banner an army of 22,000. Law enforcement in both the UK and the USA has been totally slow and useless to defend the victims of Percy.

To make the difference, I have to focus all my resources on Becki Percy. I have dropped all other campaigns against injustice; and I have promised to my own self that this will be my last fight. My personal history shows where I have focussed my resources, that I always win my battles. Even though I will get the result I have in mind, that Percy and her allegations will be investigated by the police; this will never stop Percy from being a parasitic fraud, who will be feeding off innocent victims for the next 50 or more years. And there are millions of parasites like Becki Percy in this world. The fight with Becki Percy is going to burn a lot of personal resources. It is always like this when fighting injustice: 12 against 22,000.

There is a sense of an unfinished gestalt to Becki Percy and her claims of thousands of dead and raped children in Hull UK, a circle that has to be completed. Percy has been unwilling to complete the circle by allowing her allegations to be reported and investigated by the UK police. Regardless of the truth of the allegations that Percy makes, there is a great injustice that those accused of crimes are unable to enjoy the right of a police investiagtion to clear their names; and the added injustice that there are potential child victims of crimes needing rescue and justice, that Percy denies them by her inaction. These shadowy children, that may or may not exist, haunt my thoughts, and I desire a police investigation to investigate the truth of these allegations that Percy makes.

As a child, I never really enjoyed a family with a proper mother and father; both who were lost to me due to various situations. So, I feel a sense of joy when a child can enjoy the feeling of a secure family; and anger when that sacred bond is threatened by unjust people like Becki Percy. How lucky the little two-year-old boy was to have a mother and father looking after them; how lucky for some children to have the opportunity of that foster couple giving them a taste of a secure family experience. How vile and unjust was Becki Percy to make false allegations against a foster couple, who tried to give her a secure family home; an attempt by her to eliminate the male of that family unit, as she did before and after with other families. A child more worthy than Percy could have enjoyed a happy family life with that foster family; and the little boy could have had his security of family and home smashed apart by the false allegations Percy made.

These two things give me the passion; but I am one individual with only a finite amount of resources. I have done my bit being part of the lonely few fighting against the vast armies of the unjust. The media is full of stories of injustice, inequality and suffering; everyone crying out for a champion or miracle to save them; every fight resource-hungry to achieve even the smallest of victories; and the few who fight against this injustice get burnt out.

Becki Percy, even with her vast army of followers, is no match against the passionate few; but it will come at a price in fighting her. And, Percy will go on for decades to come feeding off the innocent and vulnerable.

Open Letter to Supporters of Becki Percy

Dear Supporter of Rebecca (Becki) Percy,

Rebecca Percy (formery from Hull in the UK) has not offered any evidence in support of her allegations; nor has she reported these allegations to the UK police.

I ask you to read the following facts about Becki Percy: and to consider the harm you are doing to innocent people by supporting someone you do not know; who says dishonest things on the internet; and is manipulating you.

  1. Becki Percy has never reported her allegations of mass murder and rape of children by an alleged Satanic cult in Hull UK to the UK police.
  2. Percy has never provided evidence in support of her allegations to you, her lawyers or the US courts. Such evidence could include medical reports or photos of her scars from extensive alleged torture.
  3. Percy came to the US illegally using a holiday visa with the intention of staying in the US permanently. Percy was jailed for 14 months as a result of this action.
  4. Percy only claimed political asylum when US immigration intended to return her to the UK. Percy played the immigration and legal system to win 5 years stay in the USA. Percy has enjoyed full legal process, and the courts have decided there is no evidence for her to stay in the USA. The petition she has created asks: President Trump to ignore his own policy against illegal immigrants; to ignore US laws; to ignore US judges and the courts; to sacrifice the US borders. The petition asks that all these things are ignored to allow any illegal alien to stay in the USA based upon any fantasy story they give, and without evidence. This is what Becki Percy asks you to do when she asks you to support her case to stay in the USA.
  5. Percy has cost the US taxpayer over 1 million dollars in legal, medical and accommodation costs. Imagine 1000’s of people doing like Percy is doing; billions of dollars spent on illegal immigrants like Percy instead of US citizens.
  6. Percy has shattered five innocent families, two who are US families. How many more US families must be destroyed by Becki Percy?
  7. People, including this writer, will soon be making complaints to the UK police about Becki Percy for crimes she admits to on the internet: fraud; harrassment; child porn distribution; allowing children in her care whilst babysitting to be harmed; disposing of evidence of crimes.
  8. Percy claims to care about child abuse victims. However, by claiming knowledge of child abuse of thousands of alleged child victims in Hull; and refusing to report those crimes to the police; Percy has denied those children of justice; and means for the five years of her inaction she has failed to rescue 1000’s of children from harm.
  9. Percy has only ever gone to the police over rape and sex abuse of herself. These claims were fully investigated, and no evidence was found to support them. Percy is considered by her social workers, who looked after her whilst in care, as a chronic allegation maker, who makes allegations against anyone who causes her displeasure.
  10. Justice for everyone can only happen when Becki Percy is deported to the UK, where she can then have herself and her allegations fully investigated by the UK police. By supporting Rebecca Percy, you are devaluing the testimony of authentic victims of child abuse and of political asylum seekers fleeing torture and death by regimes such as North Korea.

I know it means nothing to most of you to sign a petition and retweet claims from Rebecca Percy. But by doing so, real victims of injustice suffer, and you allow Percy to do more harm to more people. You support someone who has offered you no evidence in support of her allegations, and who has never gone to the police about them. The US courts and judges have given Becki Percy the opportunity to prove her allegations on many occasions, and she never provided them with any evidence.

Those who challenge Rebecca Percy to show evidence in support of her allegations, and to report those allegations to the UK police, are not trolls or part of her fantasy cult: they are people who want justice for the victims of crime, and for real justice to happen through a police investigation and court hearings, rather than trial by social media.

Thanks for reading this.

What about the children Becki Percy?

According to Rebecca Percy, the sister she was supposed to be babysitting – Lily – was murdered and dismembered by a Satanic cult in Hull UK. Percy disposed of the remains of the child in a Hull woodland, where the bones of many other children are hidden. One can imagine the ghosts of all these children standing watching and waiting for Becki Percy to come and rescue them, to give them peace. But Percy does not care about them; she has forgotten about them: “A thousand cries and screams of children echo through the wires of the phone, and a voice of a little girl called Lily begs the man: ‘Becki, save us! Help us, Becki! Save us…!‘”

The chilling Stephen-King-like story of a frightened woman fleeing to America; from the darkest of Satanic cities – Hull. Each year, thousands of children scream inside faceless houses, as dozens of men take it in turns to violate their innocent bodies. The pavements of that dark city swim in children’s blood, as chanting citizens cast their arms up to the heavens to great Molech, their god. The Hull parks and woods crunch, not to the decaying leaves of sinister trees; but of the bones of murdered children, who once decorated the trees as hanging temple offerings to mighty Molech; silent witnesses to the loud cries and grunts of robed cultists chasing and raping naked children through the woods. At the great feasts of that city, the people eat the flesh of children, and drink their blood, in wild orgies of ritual and sex. Lots of sex.

Hull is full of epic stories that emerge upon the world from the city harbours and streets. These are stories that capture the imagination, such as Hull born Amy Johnson, the first female aviator of the skies. The Plotting Parlour in Ye Olde White Harte pub on Silver Street in Hull, kicked off the first major action of the English Civil War, when they denied entry to King Charles to the city. Robinson Crusoe sailed from Hull to be cast upon an island in that famed story with his man Friday. The Bounty sailed out of Hull and into legend in the Mutiny of the Bounty. There is The Rank Organisation, that told many epic tales through their films, born and established out of Hull. Then there are the minor storytellers like Becki Percy, who indulge in an established trope of Satanic nastiness within the boundaries of Hull.

But, according to Becki Percy, her story is true. Percy says she fled in terror from Hull; fearing a bad ending on a sacrificial altar to Molech; evidently, a popular sinister local Hull god. Dull and ordinary her family might be on the outside; but what bloodthirsty tales does Percy utter about the unholy deeds of her family, she says runs the sinister operations in Hull. And like any epic movie tale; despite hundreds of incidents of torture, rape and dark experiences; Percy stands smiling with big eyebrows, bright pink lipstick, and without a mental or physical scar upon her person. Percy is the movie star actress on call for the next photo opportunity and an autograph from her adoring Qanon fanbase. What a great thing to be cast as such a tragic but triumphant hero in your own epic story!

But it is just a fictional story, isn’t it? On a dark moonlit night, as the city clock strikes midnight, the white telephone boxes in Hull start ringing in unison. A half-drunk man stops, and holds a telephone of one of the ringing phones to his ear. A thousand cries and screams of children echo through the wires of the phone, and a voice of a little girl called Lily begs the man: “Becki, save us! Help us, Becki! Save us…!”

Becki Percy has no right to be a US citizen

Rebecca Percy feels she should be entitled to US citizenship.

Rebecca Percy has no grounds to become a US citizen. These grounds include: being born in the USA; having parents who are US citizens; bringing to the table some benefit to the USA in exchange for citizenship (example, Elon Musk); or because the individual is escaping some terrible threat to life.

There is this self-entitled delusion that Becki Percy entertains that if she makes up a story, and points fingers at some people accusing them of serious crimes without evidence on Twitter, that she gains automatic right to being a US citizen. This delusion plays out via an online petition that Percy and some of her fanatical “Team Becki” supporters push, which by the time Percy is kicked out of the USA, might reach 9000 signatures. For such a small quantity of signatures, many provided by non-US citizens, Percy believes she can overcome the due process of law to gain citizenship via the backdoor in the USA, if only President Trump would listen to her. Percy seems oblivious to the crisis in the USA with a failing economy, a deadly killer virus and race riots; as well as an increasingly panic stricken President facing election in less than five months time; demanding that her fantasy of US citizenship be treated with priority above all these things.

I feel a level of contempt for Percy and her shallow self-entitled demands for US citizenship, as I have many family in the USA, who by some manner qualify or have earned their place to be in the USA. I am 25% American because of a controversial relationship between an American soldier and my British grandmother; I have met US cousins from that side of my family with their huge Texan cowboy hats. I also have three brothers in the USA (one born there); lots of nieces and nephews; my real British born father is in the USA, and so is my British born step-mother. It is these sort of relationships an individual needs, as I do, to build a strong case for US citizenship. Percy to my knowledge has no blood ties in the USA.

Another way of gaining US citizenship is by offering some benefit to that nation. My father lives the American Dream, trading hard work in building businesses in exchange for the material benefits the US provides him; my father also contributes to his community by acting as a State sports official with his wife. I have one brother serving in the US marines; another brother coaching a new generation of top US sports athletes. All my family in the USA have traded a significant benefit to the USA in exchange for US citizenship or the right to stay there.

Becki Percy has offered no tangible benefit to the USA to earn her right to US citizenship; in fact, she has traded bitter poison that has hurt that nation rather than benefitted it. Percy has cost the US taxpayer a million dollars paying for her legal, medical and jail accommodation costs. Percy has shattered two American families. Percy has failed to live the American Dream through the hard work of seeking education and employment; she will return to the UK with nothing to show for her five years living in the USA. Percy has acted like a bad guest breaking US laws on fraud and harrassment; Percy has abused and made false allegations against US political and religious leaders of her host nation; and she has acted always like a needy parasite on the charity of others.

Percy has enjoyed the benefit denied to even the most worthy of asylum seekers of quality legal representation and due legal process through the US justice system in relation to her personal claim for political asylum. Rebecca Percy has had five years in which to provide evidence and legal justification to stay in the USA. Percy has had multiple legal hearings, and it was concluded she had no legal grounds to stay in the USA.

Rebecca Percy has played the USA, its legal system and the citizens of the USA much like a little girl plays with a toy doll. I have this sense that Percy has treated her whole experience in the USA as little more than a game; and Percy has managed to corrupt the integrity of a political asylum system designed to protect authentic victims of torture and oppression.

Becki Percy neither deserves or has any right to US citizenship; and the sooner she is kicked out of the USA, the better.

On Becki Percy claims of having sex with dogs and horses

Rebecca Percy includes claims of being forced to have sex with dogs and horses in her so-called “testimony” according to Catherine Moncada, who supported and took Percy into her family home during the first three years of her stay in the USA. These acts of beastility were also filmed according to a “kidnap” victim who spoke to Moncada, and shown to the victim during their three-day ordeal being strapped to a table to watch porn videos of Percy on a loop. Moncada writes: “I’m not trying to be crude or graphic but do y’all KNOW what a vagina and anus look like after abuse? Frankly, it would tear a person up. Multiply abusers. Dogs. Horses. 3 pregnancies? That’s Rebecca’s testimony. I have the screen shots.”

Rebecca Percy exhibits no signs of triggering or trauma from owning her current dog in the USA, despite making claims she was forced into having sex with dogs as a child. Even if her animal sex claims are truth or fiction, is the relationship between Percy and her current dog as healthy as it seems?

Beastility is illegal in the UK. Any act of sex with animals is illegal; and it has serious legal consequencies if animal sex involves children. It is also illegal to create, possess or view images or video of people having sex with animals in the UK. All claims that Percy made with regards to sex with animals will be passed on to the UK police for investigation.

A screenshot Catherine Moncada published of her conversation with an alleged “kidnapped” friend of Percy who said they saw film and photos of Rebecca Percy having sex with animals.

Like most of the “testimony” that Rebecca Percy gives from her time living in Hull UK, she is vague on the details. Percy has claimed that the animals she had sex with were dogs and horses; that the horses were fully grown; but no details are known of the animal genders, or what sort of sexual acts took place between Percy and the animals. The “kidnapped” friend of Percy claims to Moncada that some of these acts of sex between Percy and animals had been filmed, and the “kidnap” victim had viewed this film.

Being forced into sex with animals is a traumatic, dangerous and harmful experience for both the animal and the human. Horses kick, dogs bite and and any infection to a wound can have fatal consequencies. In practically all cases the animal and child comes out of an experience of beastility traumatised by it. The impact on animals of people such as Becki Percy having sex with them is horrific: “..farmer described behavioral changes he saw in his three working horses. The horses spooked when there was activity behind them, such as pulling equipment. When a 1,400 pound horse enters a flight-fight response it is dangerous. The farmer had to sell his horses.”

Most victims of child sexual abuse find their experiences too shameful to speak of in public; it is near unthinkable that an individual would admit to having sex with animals, as Percy has done. It is quite strange that Percy would be so positive and willing to share information in public of having sex with dogs and horses.

One of the major contradictions of the narrative of Becki Percy having sex with dogs is that she is happily associating with dogs in her present life in the USA. A child forced to have sex with dogs is without question going to be traumatised and triggered by anything associated with dogs. Becki Percy not only has offered dog sitting services in the USA; she also owns a dog: “Due to my career, I am home a lot and flexible in availability! I would love to have your dog over for the day while you’re at work or running errands, overnight, or even a linger period of time if you take vacation!”

Like so much of the narrative of sexual abuse that Becki Percy gives in her “testimony,” the claims and the reality fail to connect well together: there are contradictions; lack of detail; lack of evidence. Percy acts in a manner that is not consistent with someone who alleges they was forced to have sex with animals.

Questions arise about the state of mind of someone who claims experience of sexual acts with animals, even if those claims are pure fantasy. With Rebecca Percy neither claiming to have had intervention from mental health services for animal sex abuse, or unwilling to accept help, there is a concern that her relationship with the current dog she owns is as healthy as it seems.