It is time to haul Becki Percy in..

When my evidence is passed to the police, Rebecca Percy will have to explain alleged crimes she was directly involved in such as preventing harm to four children in her care, failing to report child abuse to the police, and disposing of evidence (bodies) that makes her liable for perverting the course of justice and murder charges. All of this will have to be investigated by the UK police.

There has always been a fear that people who have been the subject of Satanic Ritual Abuse allegations (SRA) by accusers such as Rebecca Percy could come to harm, should anyone believe those allegations, and act upon them. My many years of dealing with the Hampstead hoax made me only too aware of the many threats to do harm to people accused of SRA, either to attack them or abduct their children. And, there has been a sigh of relief that nobody in the Hampstead case has been attacked or abducted by deluded vigilantes – so far.

In the Hampstead case the legal authorities were complacent to the point of negligence in failing to treat the allegation making seriously, allowing the hoax to spread across the internet involving hundreds and thousands of people sharing, believing, and in many cases going after the victims of the hoax via the internet. For the victims of the Hampstead hoax it was a literal hell, with even supporters of the hoax paying a thug to fly from the USA – Rupert Wilson Quaintance – who not only expressed ideas of having sex with those children, but also threatened to kick down doors and abduct children. Even now there is frustration about Angela Power Disney in Eire, who continues to publish the personal information of victims of the Hampstead hoax on the internet, with the police dragging their heels in doing anything about it.

In the last few days, the current leading promoter of SRA fictions in the UK – Wilfred Wong – acted upon his beliefs, and along with five others, attempted to abduct an eight-year-old boy in Wales. Wilfred Wong and his fellow kidnappers have now been remanded into jail pending a court hearing in December 2020. I and others had been preparing civil and criminal cases against Wong, such was our concern about his activities promoting SRA fictions.

We are now in the age of QAnon, a mass international movement that believes in the fiction that the rulers of nations are a baby eating cult of Satanists (The Deep State). QAnon has become the container for every crazy conspiracy going such as 5G masts causing coronavirus, leading to them to attack masts in multiple countries. Central to the belief of QAnon is their struggle against the fictional Satanic baby eating cult, thus they suck many people into their campaigns of saving children from sex abuse. The FBI considers QAnon as a terrorist-like movement, which has strong followings in many nations, including the UK. Wilfred Wong has close ties to QAnon; and most of the internet following of Becki Percy are also from QAnon.

QAnon has reached a point of critical mass that has gone mainstream, supported by President Trump, and with politicians elected proud to fly the QAnon flag in the USA. Those involved in QAnon such as Wilfred Wong have reached the point where they feel motivated to act on their beliefs, which in the case of Wong, was the alleged abduction of a child.

I have heard too many people say of the actions of Wilfred Wong that in the case of suspected SRA, that it is perfectly fine for vigilantes to abduct children. By the same logic these people would agree it is perfectly fine to harm the people Becki Percy accuses of SRA crimes against children. For some reason these people no longer consider it reasonable to go to the police with their concerns about the harm to children; they have turned into militants, lacking inhibitions, and they are highly motivated to act upon their delusions. I believe the threat to the victims of Becki Percy and her allegation making is starting to become real, that someone will act and harm them within this QAnon toxic environment that Becki Percy thrives and encourages.

It is time to haul Becki Percy in with a referral to the police. I have gathered enough information on Becki Percy to make complaints to the police along the lines of harrassment, fraud, perverting the course of justice and trading child porn. Becki Percy will have to explain to the police her allegations of personal knowledge of baby eating, rape, murder, kidnappings and child trafficking. It is time this allegation maker faces reality and responsibility for her actions, for we are moving to a point where someone is going to get seriously hurt because of her.

Becki Percy the enemy of child abuse victims

Becki Percy pretends to be a champion of victims of child abuse, whilst abusing children.

Deeds shout louder than words; and when self-appointed champion of child abuse victims, Becki Percy, published the names and faces of children who had been subjected to child abuse; Percy stated to the world that she is the enemy of child abuse victims.

The children in question were tortured by their mother and her boyfriend to make allegations of sexual abuse against multiple people in the community of Hampstead in London. The children retracted their allegations, after they felt safe that they would no longer be tortured by the twisted couple. For several weeks, the children had suffered torture such as sleep deprivation, starvation and beatings; including threats to bury them alive in the desert; as they were drilled into a fiction of a cult raping and murdering children in Hampstead.

Unlike Becki Percy, the two children, aged 8 and 9, had evidence of the child abuse they were subjected to with two intimate medical examinations, video and photographic evidence. Since the mother published the medical reports, photos and videos onto the internet, I saw and read them, as did millions of other people. People posted and reposted the names, faces and the most intimate details of these two children all over the internet; for over five years, and still do, just as Percy has just done. How many times have I seen the photo of the girl with bruises on her face being published on the internet, having been hit again and again by her abusers?

Becki Percy, currently a resident in the USA, formerly of Hull in the UK, has set herself up as a public figure and spokesperson on child abuse. Percy has between 2013-2015 done extensive research on child abuse, and has volunteered with anti-child abuse organisations such as the UK based NSPCC. Percy knows that victims of child abuse have the right in law in both the UK and the USA to anonymity. So why has Percy published the names and faces of child abuse victims, such as the two children in Hampstead?

Now in their teens, the children at the centre of the Hampstead case are reading all the material published about them on the internet by those such as Becki Percy. The extent of the humiliation, trauma and distress that these children must be going through, because of what people such as Becki Percy have been doing is beyond calculation. Percy did not ask these teenagers or their legal guardians for permission to publish their names and faces to her 22k followers; she took it upon her self for her own selfish reasons to pile more humiliation and distress on these abused children by publishing their names and faces to the world.

By publishing the names and faces of child abuse victims onto her Twitter account, Rebecca Percy has participated in the abuse of vulnerable children. This is a serious matter, as she published those details to 22,000 followers on Twitter, and at least 24 retweeted that post. The followers of Percy number many perverts and crazy people, who get sexual stimulation from the narrative of sadistic sexual abuse that Percy promotes, and these are real children she has offered as meat on the table to those people.

The children in question have two court orders that protect their anonymity. Percy has broken court orders by publishing the details of those children on her Twitter account, for which there can be severe criminal and civil penalties. Many people are understandibly outraged at what Percy has done, including this writer. Considering that this writer knows the address of Percy, the contact details of the Carlsbad City Police Department, and the name of the police officer dealing with the Hampstead case, I can take action. If Percy publishes the details of those Hampstead child abuse victims again, there will be consequencies: as I will contact DC Steve Martin; and he will contact Carlsbad police; who will probably pay Percy a visit.

For ten years, Rebecca Percy has lived a fiction claiming to be a child abuse victim, without evidence; and claiming to advocate for child abuse victims, whilst abusing children. The Hampstead children have not been the first to be abused by Percy; she did this to the children of her first US family host, the Moncada family; one of the key issues that upset Catherine Moncada in relation to Percy. The Hampstead children will not be the last that Percy will abuse; for she appears to have no empathy or insight in how her selfish activities impact other people. Percy cares only for Percy; it does not matter who she hurts to pursue her own selfish ends, including the victims of child abuse.

EDIT (14/06/20) : I have to make a judgement call of if this matter of Percy mentioning the Hampstead children should be reported now, or I should wait until Percy repeats this activity. After taking advice, I have decided to report this to the police who are dealing with the Hampstead case. Percy has 22,000 followers, who she has mentioned the names and faces of the Hampstead children to; and an early police intervention might be required.

Rebecca Percy and the Hampstead Hoax connection

Has Becki Percy been inspired to invent a Satanic Ritual Abuse narrative by reading about the Hampstead case? There is some evidence for this; and Percy has been promoting her own association with Hampstead by linking those who fought the Hampstead case with those who challenge her own narrative.

It has long been my opinion that Rebecca Percy developed her false Satanic Ritual Abuse narrative after reading about the Hampstead Hoax. Before Percy left Hull UK for the USA, and during her time in jail, Percy never mentioned Satanic Ritual Abuse; then began posting video and internet posts, transforming a child abuse and trafficking story into a full blown Satanic narrative of ritualistic sacrifice and rape of children by a Satanic cult in the second half of 2016, after her release from prison. As Catherine Moncada, who Percy stayed with after leaving prison in the USA, says:

To explain Rebecca’s ‘testimony’ from MY END; Rebecca ADDED the satanic ritual abuse AFTER 15 months in immigration jail and coming to my house.

This concerns approximately 19 months of constant communication and was NOT part of her testimony to me OR others. Rebecca’s testimony has grown and been added to.

Catherine Moncada (Percy stayed with the Moncada family after leaving prison.)

The Hampstead Hoax centered on the claims of two children, who had been coached and tortured by their mother and her boyfriend into making claims that a Satanic cult existed in Hampstead London, that was alleged to be raping, murdering and eating children; which involved everything and everyone that the children had contact with from their teachers, to McDonalds to their own loving father. The hoax emerged in late 2014 and had reached a peak in 2016, the same year Percy was released from prison.

Percy had apparently been researching the Hampstead Hoax, and was aware of all the facts of the case. Percy tweeted in 2018:

Although supporters of both Percy and of the Hampstead Hoax tried to get her involved in that case, she largely avoided being drawn in, desiring to create her own version of the story. However, Percy was happy to become associated as another “victim” of harrassment of the same people fighting the Hampstead Hoax, and thus linked by association. Percy tweeted in 2018:

Hoaxtead had only taken a passing interest in Percy due to my involvement in her case. As Percy only made a few mentions of the Hampstead case, Hoaxtead was mostly indifferent to her, apart from a few blog posts during quiet moments in the Hampstead case.

According to Catherine Moncada, the one who hosted Percy in her family during 2016; a former friend of Percy said that Becki Percy was inspired by the Hampstead children to become another “internet sensation” using a Satanic Ritual Abuse narrative. Moncada wrote on Twitter in 2020:

Most recently, Percy has used my association with the Hampstead case to boost her own narrative, inferring a sinister connection between her own case and that of the Hampstead children. Percy wrote on Twitter in June 2020:

It seems that Percy has been inspired to parasite off the Hampstead case to boost her own fake narrative; and perhaps decided a full blown Satanic ritual abuse story would propel her to fame and fortune in the USA.

Becki Percy goes after innocent children

Becki Percy has no problem attacking other people’s children, if it serves her own ends; and if it assists in her attacking her critics.

Clearly flustered by the ongoing strong challenges by campaigners such as me, to the allegations and narrative of former Hull UK resident Becki Percy, that a cult is raping and murdering thousands of children in that city; Rebecca Percy has launched an attack on innocent children in a number of retweets.

As she was unable to find much to attack this writer with, Percy attacked other people’s children to get at me instead. This writer was involved since 2014 in fighting a false Satanic ritual abuse hoax in Hampstead London. I worked alongside others at the Hoaxtead site for over five years; which eventually saw a number of people such as Rupert Wilson Quaintance and Sabine McNeill jailed. Percy has tried to portray herself as an innocent whistleblowing victim of harrassment in the same way as people such as Quaintance, McNeill and Jake Clarke have done; linking me to her own situation as one of the people who had “harrassed” other “whistleblowers” like Clarke.

Until now, Becki Percy has been coy about linking Hampstead to her own case, perhaps worrying that others might think she nicked her idea for creating her Satanic narrative in 2016 from Hampstead, which at the time was at its peak. It is the opinion of this writer that Percy was inspired to invent her own Satanic Ritual Abuse story after researching Hampstead. I shall write more about the link between Percy and Hampstead in another blog post.

For a number of years, the children and parents at the centre of the Hampstead Hoax lived in absolute terror of being attacked, or their children abducted by crazed Satan Hunter fanatics. Supporters of the Hoax such as Sabine McNeill organised and paid for a fellow fanatic from the USA called Rupert Quaintance to come over to the UK; a twisted individual who wanted to smash down doors, carry off children, and even have sex with them. Quaintance hung outside schools that were identified as locations of the Hoax, and claimed he had a knife; which resulted in his arrest and jail time.

Becki Percy has decided to repost a tweet identifying the faces and names of some of the children and parents of the Hampstead Hoax. These children have suffered six years of having their personal details posted all over the internet; and Percy has kept this child abusive activity going with her latest retweets. The activity identifying children and their parents in the Hampstead case is harrassment, and breaks at least two court orders that protect their anonymity. In addition, children who have been subjected to child abuse have a right to anonymity; that Percy took away from them. Because of how serious the police and the courts take to protecting the victims at the heart of the Hampstead Hoax; there can be major legal implications for Percy if she continues to post harrassing information about the Hampstead Hoax victims.

Becki Percy also attacked the children of her first US family host the Moncada family. Percy allowed third parties to post photos and other personally identifiable information about the children in the Moncada family on the internet, placing them at risk. Percy constantly promoted and linked to sites that carried the information on the Moncada children; ignoring the requests by Catherine Moncada not to do this. The activities by Percy against the Moncada family caused the children and their family great distress.

Despite claiming to be a victim of child abuse and a champion for abused children, Becki Percy is highly motivated to attack people she disagrees with by going after children. What is serious is that Percy has a 22K following on Twitter alone, of people who are highly fanatical, unreasonable and conspiracy-minded; some who are completely deranged and perverted. By feeding information about other people’s children to these 22K followers, Percy places those children and their families in a state of distress and fear.

As Catherine Moncada wrote of the treatment of her grandson by Becki Percy:

My grandson understands Rebecca doxed him when she steered people to the <EDITED-REMOVED> website. His response? “What the fuck did I do to her?” It hurt him badly and it’s not ok.