Becki Percy formerly from Hull UK.

This blog investigates the child abuse allegations of Rebecca Percy, formerly from Hull UK, for the purposes of investigation and prevention of crime; and to prevent harm to vulnerable people, children and families.

Becki Percy was born and lived her childhood in the city of Hull UK from 1996 to 2015.

Percy started making allegations of child abuse and sex trafficking against various members of her family a few months short of her 14th birthday in 2010, after obtaining support from a teacher over the illness from cancer of her grandmother at senior school. Percy first made allegations against her father, then her mother; moved to the family of an uncle, Percy made allegations against that family; moved then to a foster family, Percy made allegations against the foster family. Percy was then placed into a care home until she left for the USA in 2015. All allegations were investigated by police and social workers: no evidence was found to support those allegations; Percy was considered an allegation maker by social services; and was referred to mental health services due to her allegation making.

From 2014, Percy at the age of 17/18, took an intense interest in the issue of child abuse, and started researching and campaigning about child abuse. As a result of the publication of a blog about her own personal alleged child abuse experiences, Percy came into contact with Catherine Moncada in the USA.

With Percy facing eviction from her care home due to reaching adulthood, Percy persuaded Moncada that her life was in danger, claiming her parents intended to kill her in a snuff movie at the age of 19. Persuaded that the life of Percy was in immediate danger, Moncada paid for an air ticket to the USA and to host Percy in her own family home in 2015.

On arrival to the USA, immigration officials became suspicious of Percy, and intended to return her back to the UK on the next plane out. Percy claimed political asylum from the UK in the USA, claiming her parents intended to kill her. Percy spent 14 months in jail, was released on $40,000 bail, and had to wear an ankle bracelet to track her movements as a flight risk.

At great personal expense the Moncada family gave Percy their full support during her time in jail and for over a year in their family home. The Moncada family assisted Percy in raising funds for her legal bills; recruited three immigration attorneys, who assisted in helping Percy stay in the USA for over five years. During her time with the Moncada family, Percy lost all her political asylum cases, and was unable to provide anyone with evidence in support of her allegations of child abuse.

Towards the end of 2016, Becki Percy started to evolve her story of simple sex abuse and child trafficking to one of a coven of Satanists, headed by her parents, who she claimed raped and murdered thousands of children in the Hull area in Satanic rituals dedicated to Molech. Until Percy left jail in 2016, she never mentioned to anyone any Satanic ritual abuse. Percy neither reported these new claims to law enforcement or provided evidence in support of them.

Late in 2017, after a relationship with the Moncada family fraught with drama, manipulation and deceit; Percy abandoned the Moncada family for life with a new family – the McAvenes – in Texas.

Further drama and allegation making by Becki Percy contributed to the break down of a 25+ year marriage of Ronald and Wendy McAvene, who became divorced. Wendy McAvene sacrificed her marriage, home, job and family to start a new life with Rebecca Percy, and took on all the expenses of looking after Percy from 2018 onwards.

In December 2019, Percy lost her final court appeal against deportation back to the UK; and now lives in California awaiting a date for deportation.

This blog provides an internet reference point for all those interested in Becki Percy and her allegations.

It is the intention to report Rebecca Percy to the police in the UK once she has been deported from the USA, so that her claims can be fully investigated.

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