How Becki Percy is a religious hypocrite

Becki Percy has broken all ten of the Christian commandments, thus she is a hypocrite. If it is argued Percy has no understanding of the core teachings of Christianity, she cannot be a believer, as you cannot believe in something if you do not understand it. Percy is a fake Christian.

An ancient work called the Derveni Papyrus observed that if an individual has no understanding, then they can never be a believer. Despite Becki Percy playing up to her QAnon Christian following, I argue that she is no believer of her own Christian scripture, for she has no understanding of it. I shall give the ten Christian commandments as an example to show the hypocrisy and lack of understanding of Percy to her own religion.

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me”

Many observe QAnon is like a religion: they treat the quotes of ‘Q’ as like scripture; and their god or Messiah is Donald Trump. Becki Percy is a follower of QAnon, and most of her followers are associated with QAnon. Christianity Today considered that QAnon is a “wolf in wolf’s clothing” in that it has attempted to replace Christianity with it’s own version, where Trump has replaced Jesus as the Messiah set to save humanity. Since in Christianity Jesus is an aspect of God, and QAnon has replaced Jesus with Trump, then Percy as a follower of QAnon has a different god to that of Christianity.

“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image”

Strictly speaking, this means no image of God, or any aspect of God (Jesus) should be produced, which includes internet images. Becki Percy has produced images of Jesus across all her social media, including the banner of her Twitter account (as per below).

Becki Percy shows the image of Jesus on the banner of her Twitter account.

“Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.”

Becki Percy has said “omg” in her tweets, which means “Oh My God!”, even in tweets to her future victim-host Catherine Moncada (see below tweets). “omg” is an example of taking the name of God in vain.

Becki Percy takes the name of God in vain by using “omg” in her tweets.

“Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy”

In the Christian religion the sabbath is considered a sunday, and it is strictly speaking a day Christians should not be conducting business. Becki Percy ran a business called Gentle Aroma selling things like candles and soap. On April 14, 2019 Becki Percy made a post on Facebook promoting her business (see below image); this is a sunday.

Becki Percy conducts business on a sunday, despite it being a sabbath in the Christian religion.

“Honor thy father and thy mother”

Becki Percy has spent the last ten years making allegations against her real mother and father without evidence; and refusing to give her mother and her father the honor of a proper police investigation into her latest wave of allegations such as her accusation they eat babies. Percy has also been a part of four other families, the “mother” and “father” figures in those families were also dishonoured by her with false allegations or dishonourable treatment, as related in the many posts of this blog site.

“Thou shalt not kill”

If the story of Becki Percy is to be believed, then she played a part in the alleged murder of her sister Lily. The alleged child was in the care and protection of Percy when she alleged it was being mistreated, eventually killed. At no point did Percy raise the alarm and ask for the police to intervene to save Lily from abuse and being murdered. Percy then denied the child a proper burial or justice by disposing of the corpse in a woodland, where it supposedly remains to this day. This is one of the issues this writer will refer to the police to investigate when Percy is deported back to the UK. In UK law, if what Percy claims is true, she will be charged with the crime of murder of Lily.

“Thou shalt not commit adultery”

When Becki Percy was living with her first US host family (the Moncadas), she placed pressure on Catherine Moncada to kick her husband out of bed so that she could sleep with her. Percy also destroyed the marriage of her second host family, apparently through making allegations against Ron McAvene. Percy then convinced Wendy McAvene to sleep with her. Becki Percy evidently had orgasms when she slept with her host “mothers”.

“Thou shalt not steal”

When a false claim is made which results in monetary gain, the fraud is a form of stealing. Since leaving the UK for the USA, Percy has been involved in a series of frauds that has paid for her life in the USA. The first US host family nearly was financially destroyed through paying the many expenses of Percy, so Becki Percy created a crowdfunding campaign (see image below) to pay some of the expenses of Cameron Black, raising $3,830 for her; Cameron Black never saw a penny of it. Percy also raised thousands of dollars in another crowdfunding campaign to hire an immigration attorney for her final court appeal against deportation, but never hired one in the end.

One example of a fraud by Becki Percy, for Cameron Black never got a penny.

“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neigbour”

For ten years the life of Becki Percy is built on false allegation making. Lives and families have been ruined by Percy making false allegations without evidence, nor in most cases any motivation to report such allegations to the police to properly investigate. Of all the ten commandments, this one stands out as the most broken commandment by Becki Percy. The evidence of false allegation making by Becki Percy is explored in great detail in the posts of this blog site.

“Thou shalt not covet”

From her earliest Twitter posts Becki Percy has desired fame and money. A friend of Percy commented how she was envious of the child victims of the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse Hoax for their widespread and unwanted publicity, coveting that same attention for herself in her new life in the USA. The motivation of Percy to create a Satanic Ritual Abuse narrative of allegation making probably was inspired by Hampstead.

Becki Percy indulges in a ride around a US community looking at expensive houses she would like to own. Percy hoped to make her fortune in the USA through Satanic Ritual Abuse allegation making, that she turned into a personal marketing brand.

In conclusion

Either outright or in spirit, Becki Percy has broken every commandment of the Christian religion. Despite Percy posting regular scripture or religious-like posts on social media, it is mostly to manipulate her diminishing following. The ten commandments are one of the core aspects of the Christian religion, and Percy has been a hypocrite in pretending to be a Christian, whilst actively breaking those commandments.

If Percy was really afraid of God, then why would she be so actively breaking the core commandments of her God, such as by false witnessing and dishonouring her real and innocent parents? Is this a case of Percy failing to understand the teachings of her own religion that she so boldly and arrogantly quotes across her social media? If this is the case, that she has no understanding, therefore she has no belief, and therefore she is a fake Christian.

What about the real parents of Becki Percy?

Since making her first allegations at the age of 14, Becki Percy has personally benefitted from allegation making. Percy currently lives in one of the most expensive places in the USA, paid for by her adopted sugar mummy Wendy McAvene. Percy has never had to work or get an education since leaving school, for her allegation making has paid for all her living expenses during her time in the USA.

The unwilling stars at the heart of the fantasy story of baby eating by Becki Percy are her real mum and dad based in Hull UK. These very distressed individuals have suffered ten years of constant harrassment and abuse by their only child Becki, who has evolved her story over the years from simple sex abuse to one of a Satanic cult killing thousands of children in Hull.

The dubious claims of Becki related to her parents

According to Becki, her parents are the leaders of a Satanic cult based in Hull UK worshipping the god Molech. In this narrative Becki claims to have been witness to the rape and murder of thousands of children by this cult on an industrial scale, even making the claim in an online petition that her parents ate children. Becki further claimed that she was a victim of many incidents of rape and torture, and had to flee the UK because she claimed her parents intended to sacrifice her to Molech.

How the claims of Becki evolved

There is a sense of the opportunistic about the sex abuse narrative of Becki, where it evolves to fit the need of the moment. Due to Becki being troubled by the terminal illness of her grandmother at around the age of 14, she was offered counselling by her school; which was when she made her first allegation that she was being abused by her father. With her father removed from the home, Becki then made allegations against her mother; and over the following months made allegations against a growing parade of people she was homed with, including other family members and foster parents. Placed in a care home, the narrative of abuse evolved from simple sex abuse into a child trafficking story, where Becki claimed to have been moved around the UK to be abused, a service that she claimed her parents gained an income for. On the verge of being evicted from her care home at the age of 18; Becki made the claim that she was going to be murdered by her parents, which caused a US Christian family – the Moncadas – to fly her out to the US to live with them. Becki, claimed political asylum when US immigration became suspicious about her intent on coming to the US; was jailed 14 months; then evolved her abuse narrative into a fullscale epic of Satanic Ritual Abuse for the benefit of her new US Christian supporters.

On the lack of evidence

The sex abuse narrative of Becki Percy lacks evidence to support it. The initial claims of sex abuse by Becki were fully investigated by the UK police and social workers, but they found no evidence to back those allegations with charges. The lack of evidence, and the strange way that Becki reported allegations against various people at different times, rather than all at once, earned her the title of “allegation maker” on her social services records. Becki never brought her claims of child trafficking or fears of being murdered by her parents to the UK police during her time in the UK. And, it was only after she was freed from jail in the USA that Becki started making claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). Cynically, Becki started using the name of Molech as the entity the alleged Hull-based cult worshipped only after her US host Catherine Moncada mentioned the name. Becki neither reported her SRA claims to UK or US law enforcement. Becki never provided evidence such as photos or medical reports as evidence of her alleged abuse to the US immigration authorities, her attorneys or the US courts. Those that encouraged Becki to report her SRA allegations to the police, or even did some work to help her by contacting them for her, were blocked, threatened and abused by Becki. Physically and mentally Becki does not present much evidence on video of being a victim of years of highly traumatic torture and abuse that she claims. The huge scale of rape and murder of children in Hull UK by an alleged cult has not caused other people to come forward about missing children as one would expect. Becki has taken no action to rescue or protect the thousands of victims of child abuse by the cult in Hull, or make much noise for any action to help them during the five years she has lived in the USA.

On the lack of details

The details Becki Percy offers in her evolving narrative of sex abuse lacks detail and is vague. Becki does not offer details such as the name of the cult, the rituals, the images and rules of that cult. Becki mentions first names such as Charlie, but no last names. Locations are never named, such as the places she claimed she was hunted in, or where bodies of children are buried. Becki has not provided much detail as to individual incidents of abuse, of what happened, what injuries she suffered, how she felt, and what was actually done to her. Becki claims she participated in activities of sex with dogs and horses, but gives no details as to locations, dates and ownership of those animals. Becki claims to have participated in child sex abuse photo and video activities, to have helped in the trade of indecent images of children on internet sites, but offers no details to an activity that would assist the police with their vast indecent image databases to track that content down. Becki claims a close friend was kidnapped in 2016, and subjected to a weird situation: of being tied to a table; forced to watch sex abuse video images of Becki on a loop; in a room created like a shrine to herself; with indecent images of children upon the walls; but offers no names or locations of that alleged victim in Hull to track them down.

Becki had an ordinary life according to her own social media

The social media posts from the 2010’s of Becki Percy shows an ordinary teen living an ordinary life: Becki expresses teen dreams of fame; complains about school life; is more concerned in her posts about her parents not loving her than any tangible serious sex abuse; socialises with her friends; posts pictures of her family activities and life; is more detailed about her issues with the UK care system. There is no indication in her social media posts of SRA, child trafficking and the trauma that Becki claims in her current abuse narrative. Former friends of Becki who this writer has spoken to, or have commented on social media about her allegations, indicate either surprise at her claims or accuse her of being a liar.

Becki had an ordinary working class family

There is nothing about the family of Becki Percy that suggests it is involved in a cult raping and murdering children in Hull on an industrial scale, run by her parents. The parents of Becki hold no positions of political power, nor do they indicate any evidence of great wealth. Media notability of the parents of Becki is limited to a report of a celebrity local cat. To run an operation of the scale in child rape and murder in a small city like Hull without anyone but Becki Percy talking about it, requires a high degree of influence and power; and such an operation produces a lot of money. Power and money is not expressed in the life of the mum and dad of Becki Percy: the mum works in a coffee shop; the father is focussed on the activities of his local football team. There is nothing in the social media posts of Becki Percy showing her family as having much money or power; they are an ordinary working class family.

How Becki Percy feels about her family

Becki hates her mother and father, but is strangely passive aggressive in her approach to them. In her videos where she has talked about her mother and father, her face twists into something of pure hatred and contempt, but not of anger and distress. Becki is more focussed in her video and blog posts about how her mother and father failed to love her in some way rather than about any traumatic abuse done to her. Despite giving out names, photos and work addresses, Becki has never given out the personal addresses of her mother and father or other members of her family to her rabid QAnon supporters. Despite claiming to have considerable knowedge about alleged criminal activities by her family, she does not use that knowedge to release it to law enforcement to destroy those she accuses of child sex abuse.

How the family of Becki Percy have reacted to her allegation making

The family of Becki Percy suffer in impotent silence. A criminal operation of the scale that Becki claims exists in Hull run by her parents, has a lot to lose from someone running around making claims about them, and thus would have the motivation and resources to use lawyers or assassins to silence her. No lawyers or assassins have come after Becki, and she has never been very worried about revealing her location in the USA at any stage during her stay there. The mother and the father of Becki Percy do not have the money or the power to do anything about Becki and her allegation making. The family of Becki suffer in silence, as they have done for ten years, chased off social media, unable to enjoy the liberties others have due to the harrassment they get from the ongoing allegation making of their vindictive daughter.

No smoke without fire?

The hatred Becki Percy feels for her family; the lengths she has gone to in order to suffer the harsh experience of going into the UK care system; claiming political asylum and her endurance of a 14-month stay in jail, would rightly cause people to reflect that there must be something to the allegations that Becki Percy makes: there is no smoke without fire as the saying goes. Becki Percy offers no evidence to support her allegations, nor is she prepared to bring an end to the rollercoasting hamster wheel she runs of endless allegation making on social media against her victims through a proper police investigation of those allegations. The only way everyone can be 100% certain that the allegations that Becki Percy has made is untrue, including those statements that she has made indicating she has been involved in child murder and illegal child abuse image distribution, must be via a proper police investigation, which will trigger upon her return to the UK. It is only by this police investigation, that this ten-year saga will be ended.

Update on Becki Percy March 2021

An update to this blog on Becki Percy, for which there is little to report, for Percy has gone into hibernation on social media, something that she does for months at a time.

Becki Percy has enjoyed six years of parasitic joy on the charity of others in the USA through manipulation and deceit, where she has never had to work or seek an education. Percy benefits from the chaos of covid and immigration to continue her stay in the USA, despite losing her final court appeal against deportation back to the UK in December 2019.

Percy still lives in Carlsbad in California living off the earnings of enabler aka sugarmummy aka girlfriend Wendy McAvene, a nurse who has little choice but to pay for herself and the parasite Percy. Carlsbad is an expensive place to live in, so it must cost a small fortune in living expenses for McAvene and Percy.

Of welcome relief to the many victims of Percy, she has posted no new content on her social media accounts, and has lost a third of her following on Twitter, leaving only 14.9k followers at the time of writing. Since Trump left office, and Percy has exhausted all her options to stay in the USA, she has lost momentum either to focus her own energies or of that of her diminishing following of QAnon followers.

It is my frustration that there is no progress in kicking Percy out of the USA, and one faces the real possibility of waiting another year before the US authorities do anything with Percy. If there was anything to learn from the attempt by QAnon (supported by Percy) to overthrow the democratically elected US government back in January 2021, it was the realisation that the US is a total mess; for the world witnessed the collapse, paralysis and impotence of law enforcement and the military against a mob of obese noisy QAnon thugs, who invaded the US Capitol, and who came close to capturing the case that carries the trigger for launching nuclear warheads. I have no faith in the US government agencies to sort out the mess of immigration or of covid to bring about a speedy deportation of Percy back to the UK from the USA. I am of the opinion that the immigration policies of Biden will not favour Percy in gaining citizenship in the USA. I continue to keep a regular eye out for any new developments related to Percy.

Since November 2020, my focus has been on Wilfred Wong and his supporters, who allegedly kidnapped a child. Wong, like Percy, is a promoter of the fiction of Satanic Ritual Abuse without evidence. I had rather of not been involved in reporting people in the Wong case to the police, having saved that sort of activity for Percy, however, there has now been three interventions by me to the police about supporters of Wong, of which one complaint has resulted in an arrest and conviction. There is a ready and willing new market of SRA supporters in the UK if Percy was minded to cultivate those type of people to her cause, which no doubt she will try to do when she returns to the UK.

One of my key aims in posting content about Becki Percy on WordPress and Twitter has been my efforts to warn families and vulnerable people about her, for as readers of the posts on this blog know by now, she is a controlling, devious and manipulative character, who has done harm to multiple individuals and families. The problem I have found is that Google search is not picking up this content, and so much of it does not appear in Google searches for the name of Becki Percy. I have created a new site which will address the problem of low rankings on search engines with, which will feature Percy, as well as many other UK Satan Hunters like her, to warn potential victims away from such people.

As it stands at the moment, Becki Percy is in a situation like a becalmed sailing ship, going nowhere, living off the charity of others; not working, or learning or developing in any way. Deportation will happen, I am sure of that, but it will be a long time in the future.

Why the claims of Becki Percy being afraid is a sham

There is so much that is a contradiction and fake about the allegation maker from Hull UK that is Rebecca Percy, and one of these contradictions are her claims of being afraid. Central to the narrative that Becki Percy sells to her deluded followers and to the authorities in the USA in support of her claim for political asylum is her fear of being murdered by her parents.

Despite Rebecca Percy claiming severe sex abuse, including being forced to have sex with dogs, or being forced into night hunts in the Hull UK woods, where she is raped and sees dead children hanging from trees, she expresses no trauma or triggering that would be naturally be associated with such abuse. Percy has no trouble owning a dog or enjoying walks in the wood.

Becki Percy has posted a great deal without evidence on social media of the gory ways that a cult that she claims is run by her parents have raped, murdered and eaten children; of the extensive torture, gang rape and beastiality she claims she was subjected to. It then stands to reason that anyone experiencing such things would do all they can to protect themselves, and would show the appropriate distress and trauma in response; but not Becki.

For a woman who claims to be in fear of her life from members of her own family, in a situation where she gives the impression most of her family are in this fantasy cult, Percy did not from day one seek to break away from the entire family. From around the age of fourteen Percy moved from family member to family member drip-feeding allegations against one member after another; all which were investigated by the social services and police, who found no evidence in support of those claims. Percy makes clear that for several years after her first allegation, she retained contact with family members such as her grandmother, in direct contradiction of someone in terror of their life from highly distressing abuse.

Percy gives the impression of someone who drip-feeds information and evolves her abuse narrative to meet the situation and target audience. In the early stages of her allegation making Percy would enter a relationship with a caregiver, and when that was not to her liking, an allegation would be made of sexual abuse. Percy later evolved her narrative to one of child trafficking, with her parents made as the evil stars of her narrative. Percy claimed for the benefit of Catherine Moncada, that she was in immediate danger of murder by her parents, winning her a host family in the USA and a free plane ticket. Neither the US immigration authorities or Catherine Moncada was made aware of the new twist in the abuse testimony of Percy: that she was a victim of a Satanic abuse cult, run by her parents, that was raping and murdering thousands of children in Hull; not until after she left prison for illegally entering the USA. The Satanic Ritual Abuse narrative was perfect for the US Christian audiance, that would give Percy support for the next six years of her US stay. Yet, one must ask why Percy did not mention the full extent of her allegations when the police and social workers were investigating her initial allegations.

Children who are sexually abused are often fearful of strangers and unknown situations, but not Becki Percy. Percy had no problems entering the UK care system whilst retaining some sort of contact with her family, such as with her grandmother. When I suffered problems at home, I was scared of being taken into care. The UK care system, even in the modern form, is a scary place, with many scary problem children. Neither did Percy appear distressed from being in the US prison system; nor was Percy inhibited from jumping on an airplane to live with strangers in a country she had never been to; or move states on a repeated basis to live with more strangers. Percy gives no indication of a fearful person when it comes to strange situations and people.

Children who are in fear of their life would do all they can to avoid what they fear, but not Percy. When the police and social services initially investigated her claims, she could have led them to the bodies of the graves of alleged child victims of the cult; she could have shown them the extensive scars and damage to her anus and vagina from the torture and multiple-rape. Percy could have offered enough evidence to the extensive child porn featuring herself and other children she alleged was made, enough for the extensive databases of law enforcement to pick up; since any illegal image found by the police go onto those databases.

The latest allegations of Satanic Ritual Abuse is something Percy has been unafraid of dumping onto her social media accounts, in graphic detail, naming people; making some very serious claims. Percy has however been reluctant to involve law enforcement in either the USA or the UK to investigate those claims. Peoplc have done work to put Percy in touch with law enforcement, only to suffer threats and blocking on social media from her. Percy cannot be said to be afraid of reporting things to law enforcement, as she has evidently reported her first family host Catherine Moncada to US police, and has also had Ron McAvene in her second US host family marched out of his home by the police.

When Percy had the many opportunities to share her abuse testimony with US immigration, with the US courts and with her own US immigration attorneys, Percy failed to do so, failed to offer evidence, and was in many cases obstructive to their efforts to investigate her case or help her. When Percy based her claims for political asylum to the US on the allegation she would be murdered by her parents, she offered no evidence that she had allowed the UK police authorities to investigate that claim, nor did she initiate such an investigation by going to US law enforcement. When US attorneys asked Percy for photographic evidence of scars and former injuries to her body to use in court in support of her political asylum application, something that should have been easy to provide considering the types of torture and abuse Percy claims happened that would have left physical marks, Percy failed to provide it. Rape multiple times with multiple men, dogs, horses and objects to her anus and vagina would do terrible damage; but Percy failed to offer medical reports in support of those claims. When it came to the final court appeal against her deportation, Percy failed to pay for an immigration attorney, despite having raised funds through crowdfunding to do so; nor did she enter any defence. For a woman in fear of her life, Percy at every opportunity failed to put much effort into fighting to stay in the USA, other than making unfounded allegations without evidence and raising money from donations in dubious ways.

An individual in great fear of their life would do what they can to keep their location a secret to those they allege intend to kill them, but not Percy. During her stay with both US host families, and in her most recent location in Carlsbad USA, Percy has made no effort to hide where she lives. Even if Percy is unafraid of harm to herself, Percy did not seem bothered about the wellbeing of her host families from allowing their home addresses to be known to the world; a situation that brought total terror to the Moncada family. It took this writer minutes to find the present address of Percy in Carlsbad using public records. An alleged cult that makes vast sums of money from the rape and murder of children in reality have the motivation and resources to send hired killers to murder Percy and her host families; thus, there seems a vast contradiction between reality and the narrative and unfearful behavior that Percy presents in being so open of where she lives.

The claims that Percy makes of terrible experiences of sexual abuse naturally should create severe trauma, as it does to all child sexual abuse victims, but not Percy. Becki Percy claims that she was forced to have sex with dogs; yet she currently has no problems owning a dog. Percy claims traumatic hunts at night, where she was raped and saw dead children hanging from trees; but Percy has no problems going for walks in the woods. Severe child abuse causes fear of strangers; Percy runs off to foreign places to live with strangers. Severe child abuse causes problems with touching; Percy has no problems encouraging the female “mothers” in her life to go to bed with her; a matter that she finds so arousing she is said to have orgasms from. Severe child abuse naturally causes such great distress and suffering that such victims seek help from the extensive charities, groups, organisations and medical facilities in the USA and UK; but Percy to the knowledge of this writer has not saught such support. Indeed, when Percy appears on video and photo on social media, she does not appear to show physically or mentally any suggestion that she was severely sexually abused.

Percy is on record as saying she is unafraid of anything or anyone but God. Percy, in a video that was full of venom and unpleasant malicious body language, expressed clearly her absolute hatred for her parents, whilst announcing to the world she was unafraid of them. Regardless of the hostile feelings of Percy towards her real family; and her position in word and deed of being unafraid of them; she remains reluctant to have her allegations investigated by law enforcement. One can only come to one conclusion: that the only thing Percy is scared of is being found out that her ten year sex abuse narrative is a massive fraud and lie.

What now for Becki Percy in the post-Trump era?

It is anticipated that Rebecca Percy will be deported from the USA to the UK at some point in 2021.

On 20th January 2021 President Trump, upon whom Rebecca Percy has placed all her hopes upon to stay in the USA, left office, replaced by Democrat Joe Biden, whose party now control both the House and the Senate in the government of the USA.

For several years Becki Percy had urged her supporters to write to President Trump and sign a petition to demand he overrule the laws of the USA and the legal process to allow Percy to stay in the USA. Communications to Trump generally were redirected to the immigration authority to deal with, and the petition failed to garner the target of 25,000 signatures that Percy had wanted.

Percy had nailed her colours to the extreme element of the Trump support base known as QAnon, a terrorist-like movement that followed a near religious ideology that Trump was a Messiah sent from God to cleanse the world of Satan-worshipping-baby-eating elites. In the closing days of the Trump presidency, Percy urged her followers to overthrow the democratically chosen incoming government of Biden, that resulted in five deaths and a massive crackdown on QAnon on social media. The partner-cum-sugar-mummy Wendy McAvene, whom Becki Percy lives with in Carlsbad California, had her Twitter account suspended, along with tens of thosuands of other QAnon fanatics; Percy losing 5000 QAnon followers on her own Twitter account.

Since coming to the USA illegally, Percy has been clear in her support of the Republican cause (mostly the extreme elements favourable to her QAnon worldview), and has been very public in accusing Democrats and their leadership as Satan-loving-child-raping-paedophiles. One can imagine that Democrat-leaning elements in the USA will not be favourable to Percy and her cause.

Now Trump is gone, what happens now with Becki Percy? I do not believe that things will change overnight, so that Percy will probably enjoy a further stay of many months in the USA. Biden and his Democrat adminstration inherit an immigration system in chaos and a covid crisis that will take some time to fix.

Some believe that the Biden policies will be favourable to immigrants, and thus to Becki Percy. The challenge for Percy is that there will be a process, and Percy will need to meet the requirements of the process, which in my opinion, she does not. The initial problem is that Percy came to the USA illegally on a tourist visa intending to stay on a permanent basis, landing her in jail for 14 months. Percy had claimed political asylum alleging her family was going to kill her as a sex trafficking victim, but never told the US authorities of her later testimony of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Having offered no evidence in support of her claims, or any viable reason for the courts to consider she met the level requiring protection, that the UK authorities would have provided for her, Percy lost all her court cases against deportation; and exhausted all legal remedies.

Percy would also have to convince the US immigration authorities that she would be a positive asset to the USA as a resident and citizen. The problem for Percy is that the immigration authorities know that she tried to enter the USA by deception, and they have plenty of communications from people who have written to them about Percy over the years, to consider she is a person of bad faith. During the six years that Percy has lived in the USA on the charity of others: Percy has shattered two families; has broken laws, such as on harrassment; and has failed to advance herself through either education or employment. I will also send the US immigration authorities a full evidence file supporting that Percy is a person of bad faith, thus that she should be deported.

Percy has spent more than five years living a delusion, enabled by her QAnon support base such as Wendy McAvene. In that time Percy has become divorced from reality, and has done little to prepare for what I believe will be a certain deportation back to the UK from the USA at some point in 2021.

The end draws nigh for panic-stricken Becki Percy

The end of a five year reign of terror by former Hull UK resident Rebecca Percy from the safe haven of Carlsbad in the USA is drawing to a close.

Becki Percy has spent years playing a little vulnerable girl, allowing her to parasite upon others such as her enabler and sugar mummy Wendy McAvene, whilst using and abusing other people. Now at the age of 24, Percy increasingly will find it harder to play the creepy little girl, such as asking Wendy McAvene to go to bed with her. Reality and adult responsibility will come crashing into Becki Percy when she is deported to the UK in the near future.

The Republican US President Donald Trump whom Becki Percy has hung all her hopes upon to help her stay in the USA is defeated; his term of office will end 20 Jan 2021. The new US President will be Joe Biden, who will pump resources into the cash-starved US immigration service; and will bring order to the immigration chaos by sorting those who should stay in the US from those who have no right to stay. The chaos in US immigration is part of the reason that Becki Percy remains in the USA despite having her final appeal against deportation to the UK rejected in December 2019. Even if Biden does delay the deportation of Becki Percy, the letter of the law is that Percy must be kicked out of the USA, and legally, this is a point of future certainty; it is only a question of when Percy will be deported.

Another issue that has helped Becki Percy to stay in the USA is the coronavirus. Under Donald Trump the US has been unable to launch an effective effort to curb the virus, allowing it to spead far and wide killing many thousands of people per day. Again, under Biden, efforts will be organised to bring the virus under control backed by vaccines. It is predictable that Becki Percy will no longer have the cover of covid to keep her in the USA. But, the blessing covid has offered to Percy to stay in the USA is a double-edged sword, for if either Becki Percy or her girlfriend-ala-adopted-sugar-mummy Wendy McAvene become sick with covid, there are the expensive medical bills to pay for, which Percy has no medical insurance coverage against.

Becki Percy continues to entertain the delusional belief that an online petition to Donald Trump to ask him to overrule the US laws, courts and the judges will save her from deportation. In the five years that the online petition has been going it has gained less than 25,000 signatures, of which many of those signatures are duplicated, or signed by bots and non-US citizens. Officially, Becki Percy is a failed asylum seeker and carries the status of illegal immigrant; Trump is well known to be hostile to both asylum seekers and illegal immigrants. Trump also has many more urgent matters to worry about than to pay attention to an individual like Becki Percy, who tried to enter the US by fraud, ending up in jail for 14 months for her audacity to enter the US on a tourist visa intending to stay on a permanent basis.

In desperation, Becki Percy has explored alternative social media sites to boost her flagging online status and stay in the USA. An adventure into TikTok, a site mostly used by children and younger people with no interest in a boring creature like Becki Percy offering only self-pity and a fantasy of Satanic Ritual Abuse, was a failure, attracting no real interest in her “testimony.” Having taken years of ongoing criticism on Twitter, Percy abandoned Twitter and followed her core market of QAnon supporters to Parler, but found very limited success from a platform swarming with spam and conspiracy nonsense.

Becki Percy has recently deleted all her YouTube videos that detailed her claims without evidence of Satanic Ritual Abuse against innocent people. In what is a sign of panic by Percy, it is believed she is preparing for a return to the UK; and a hope that by removing evidence of her illegal activity, she will escape the consequencies of years of abuse and false allegation making. This writer however has copies on file of the relevant videos, so can reproduce them on the internet or to the police when the situation requires.

It is the determination of this writer and others that Becki Percy must answer for the activity and allegation making she has pursued in five or more years against the innocent. Becki Percy no longer looks like a vulnerable 12-year-old when she illegally entered the USA in 2015, she now has the face of a cruel and worldly mature woman, who must now face the responsibility and reality that a grown woman is expected to face by the age of 24. The world moves on, and Becki Percy will be forced to move on from playing a little girl on the charity of others whilst abusing and using those around her. It is time for Becki Percy to grow up and face reality.

It is time to haul Becki Percy in..

When my evidence is passed to the police, Rebecca Percy will have to explain alleged crimes she was directly involved in such as preventing harm to four children in her care, failing to report child abuse to the police, and disposing of evidence (bodies) that makes her liable for perverting the course of justice and murder charges. All of this will have to be investigated by the UK police.

There has always been a fear that people who have been the subject of Satanic Ritual Abuse allegations (SRA) by accusers such as Rebecca Percy could come to harm, should anyone believe those allegations, and act upon them. My many years of dealing with the Hampstead hoax made me only too aware of the many threats to do harm to people accused of SRA, either to attack them or abduct their children. And, there has been a sigh of relief that nobody in the Hampstead case has been attacked or abducted by deluded vigilantes – so far.

In the Hampstead case the legal authorities were complacent to the point of negligence in failing to treat the allegation making seriously, allowing the hoax to spread across the internet involving hundreds and thousands of people sharing, believing, and in many cases going after the victims of the hoax via the internet. For the victims of the Hampstead hoax it was a literal hell, with even supporters of the hoax paying a thug to fly from the USA – Rupert Wilson Quaintance – who not only expressed ideas of having sex with those children, but also threatened to kick down doors and abduct children. Even now there is frustration about Angela Power Disney in Eire, who continues to publish the personal information of victims of the Hampstead hoax on the internet, with the police dragging their heels in doing anything about it.

In the last few days, the current leading promoter of SRA fictions in the UK – Wilfred Wong – acted upon his beliefs, and along with five others, attempted to abduct an eight-year-old boy in Wales. Wilfred Wong and his fellow kidnappers have now been remanded into jail pending a court hearing in December 2020. I and others had been preparing civil and criminal cases against Wong, such was our concern about his activities promoting SRA fictions.

We are now in the age of QAnon, a mass international movement that believes in the fiction that the rulers of nations are a baby eating cult of Satanists (The Deep State). QAnon has become the container for every crazy conspiracy going such as 5G masts causing coronavirus, leading to them to attack masts in multiple countries. Central to the belief of QAnon is their struggle against the fictional Satanic baby eating cult, thus they suck many people into their campaigns of saving children from sex abuse. The FBI considers QAnon as a terrorist-like movement, which has strong followings in many nations, including the UK. Wilfred Wong has close ties to QAnon; and most of the internet following of Becki Percy are also from QAnon.

QAnon has reached a point of critical mass that has gone mainstream, supported by President Trump, and with politicians elected proud to fly the QAnon flag in the USA. Those involved in QAnon such as Wilfred Wong have reached the point where they feel motivated to act on their beliefs, which in the case of Wong, was the alleged abduction of a child.

I have heard too many people say of the actions of Wilfred Wong that in the case of suspected SRA, that it is perfectly fine for vigilantes to abduct children. By the same logic these people would agree it is perfectly fine to harm the people Becki Percy accuses of SRA crimes against children. For some reason these people no longer consider it reasonable to go to the police with their concerns about the harm to children; they have turned into militants, lacking inhibitions, and they are highly motivated to act upon their delusions. I believe the threat to the victims of Becki Percy and her allegation making is starting to become real, that someone will act and harm them within this QAnon toxic environment that Becki Percy thrives and encourages.

It is time to haul Becki Percy in with a referral to the police. I have gathered enough information on Becki Percy to make complaints to the police along the lines of harrassment, fraud, perverting the course of justice and trading child porn. Becki Percy will have to explain to the police her allegations of personal knowledge of baby eating, rape, murder, kidnappings and child trafficking. It is time this allegation maker faces reality and responsibility for her actions, for we are moving to a point where someone is going to get seriously hurt because of her.

Becki Percy will face ugly reality when she is deported

Rebecca Percy indulges in her fantasy of owning an expensive house in Texas USA, no doubt paid for by leveraging her fantasy without evidence of being a victim of sexual abuse by a cult in Hull UK at the expense of real victims of child abuse.

The fantasy that Becki Percy has played out for the last ten years as a pretend victim of sexual abuse has certainly been rewarding for her: an obsession for attention and an infantile need to be looked after. Choices that Percy has made, that would seem crazy to a normal-thinking person, has seen her living in the UK care system from the age of 14, and 18-months in a US jail; but to Percy, a reward of being looked after with no responsibility, and lots of attention. People feeling sorry for Percy have given her a platform to gain attention via social media, tens of thousands of dollars in donations, and a free stay in the USA for the last six years.

Becki Percy is a parasitic drama queen with a relentless hunger for attention

People who have dealt with Rebecca Percy discover an individual with an insatiable need for attention; an exhausting and relentless rollercoaster ride of drama, conflict and egotism that can never be satisfied. Percy is a master of deceit and manipulation, playing the system and everyone in a relationship her with an uncanny skill, that wrecks the lives of all around her. The blog site of her first US host family details the nightmare experience that Percy inflicted upon them.

Becki Percy has for ten years enjoyed the benefits of being a fantasy child abuse victim

Despite being jailed 18-months for trying to enter the USA illegally, Rebecca Percy has benefitted from an ineffective US immigration system and from defrauding thousands of deluded Christian Americans. The US taxpayer has paid an estimated one million dollars in accommodation, medical and legal costs of hosting Percy; and hundreds of Americans have donated tens of thousands of dollars to Percy whilst indulging her need for attention and being looked after.

Becki Percy has turned child abuse into a personal brand and religion

Unlike most victims of sex abuse, Becki Percy has turned her narrative of sex abuse into a personal brand, a positive religious experience called her “testimony” that only the most worthy of her followers she calls “Team Becki” can hear in full. Despite offering no evidence in support of her claims, nor reporting such claims as baby eating to the police, Percy has appointed herself as a public figure and spokesperson on behalf of child abuse victims whilst abusing those victims. Such is her delusion, when Becki Percy applied for employment or set up a business selling expensive handcrafted candles, she added her abuse narrative into her job application and branding, in the deluded belief that it would open doors for her.

The free fantasy ride of Becki Percy is about to end

The free fantasy ride that Becki Percy has enjoyed whilst walking on the faces of real child abuse victims and the lives she wrecked to get to where she is now is about to end. “Sugar mummy” and partner Wendy McAvene is unable to continue to indulge the costs of an adult woman such as Becki Percy on her dwindling life savings and nurse wages in an expensive place like Carlsbad indefinitely. Percy can no longer seek employment or run a business in the USA, as she is deemed an illegal immigrant and must leave the USA by the courts. Both Percy and McAvene run a serious risk of heavy medical bills should they get sick or injured due to their limited medical coverage, whilst coronavirus rages in the USA. And, Percy faces deportation at any moment from the USA.

Becki Percy will probably be unable to find a well paid job in the UK

When Becki Percy is deported to the UK in 2021 and is forced to find work, she will find the job market to be hard to enter. Percy has wasted the last six years of her life in the USA by failing to seek education or work. Percy has no work experience to call upon: and will have to explain to future employers why she has not worked for six years; why she claimed political asylum; why she was in jail 18 months; and the content that exists by her or by others critical of her that now exist on the internet. The UK job market is in collapse, the UK economy is wrecked, with even bar jobs getting multiple applications. Percy will enter a competitive job market where many employers demand recent work experience; which Percy has none. Well paid jobs will require more checks and more awkward questions; and dishonesty by Percy to obtain a job in the UK is fraud, and risks jail time for Percy. Because we believe that Percy poses a threat to the wellbeing of children and vulnerable people, I and others will make sure Percy is not working with these segments of society. And, despite the claims of Percy of running a business – selling expensive candles underwritten by free donations, and running pyramid selling schemes – these are not viable enough businesses that would pay her rent.

Wendy McAvene may not be able to sustain paying for Percy when she is deported

Unless Wendy McAvene continues in her sugar mummy role of paying the expenses of Percy in the UK, then she will find paying costs such as rent difficult. It is one thing for McAvene to pay for a property where they both live at in Carlsbad USA, it is another thing for McAvene to pay for both the rent of herself in the USA and of Percy in the UK. If McAvene enters the UK, this writer will make sure she is deported back to the USA, as our immigration system is more harsher than in the USA.

Becki Percy will face a criminal investigation when she returns to the UK

The day Becki Percy is returned to the UK is the day when she will be forced to account for her allegation making. People such as I cannot ignore the claims by Becki Percy that she has been trading child porn, that she has personal knowledge and participated in the abuse and murder of thousands of children in Hull UK. I cannot ignore the claims of Percy that she was in the position of caring for four small children who were murdered, where Percy neither made efforts to protect those children or report the crimes against the children to the police. It is not something that one can shrug off and reject without investigation the claims of someone that thousands of children are being raped and murdered each day in Hull UK. I shall make complaints to the UK police that Percy has been trading child porn and has been involved at some level in the rape and murder of children. Percy will account for her so-called Satanic abuse “testimony” with a proper police investigation. If the allegations of Percy are untrue, Percy has been acting in a criminal way by committing fraud and harrassment over the last ten years. Percy has obtained money and other benefits from Catherine Moncada who believed her abuse testimoney whilst living in the UK (fraud) and made allegations without evidence that her parents eat babies (harrassment.) True or not, I shall end the allegation making of Becki Percy with a police investigation which will put an end to this unending drama. Whatever people believe about Becki Percy, she does have mental health issues, so there is a high probability she will be sectioned when she returns to the UK to at least assess her mental health needs.

Time will run out for Becki Percy

Time is running out for false allegation maker Becki Percy.

This must be a frustrating time for the many victims of Becki Percy. Back in December of 2019, the US courts gave their final verdict that illegal immigrant and fake asylum seeker Becki Percy had no case to stay in the USA, and had to be deported back to the UK. And, here we are in June 2020, and Becki Percy remains free: out of jail; still in the USA; and still harrassing her many victims with false allegations.

The legal system in the USA is slow and ineffective. For Becki Percy, it has been five years since the first court judgement that she be deported to the UK to that final appeal in December 2019 that upheld the original judgement. And now, further delays, because of coronavirus and a chaotic US immigration system, that is overburdened and under resourced.

Equally frustrating must be the relentless harrassment of Becki Percy against her many victims, who feel they have no legal remedy to their situation. Becki Percy probably feels untouchable, having waged her war from inside the borders of the USA, where the legal system is different state to state, and the UK police have little motivation to connect with their US counterparts about the harrassment. Nor is Percy willing to report her allegations to the police; and nor do her victims have the financial resources to employ international lawyers.

In what would be an admirable attitude in a different context, Becki Percy leverages every opportunity she has to the maximum to fight from a losing situation, adding to the sense of suffering of her victims. The harrassing online petition against deportation that Percy created two years ago, continues to be marketed to the hilt, gathering hundreds of signatures a day, despite the petition having no legal sway over her deportation. Percy has rebuilt her Twitter following by several hundred, after falling back in the previous six months. Percy enjoys what to some is a stress-free holiday by the beach in one of the most wealthiest locations in the USA in Carlsbad California. And Percy can harrass even little children, and suffers no legal comeback.

To Becki Percy, her allegation making has rewarded her beyond her dreams. She has a devoted following, who literally slave for her, paying all her bills, flattering her ego of how wonderful she is. Percy hs no need to work, just make a few internet posts, and the world is her oyster.

Percy does not have the mind to see the big picture or the long term consequencies of her activities. Percy has no mental inhibitions to wake her up to how her actions harm both others and herself. It is quite extraordinary that Percy will subject herself to five years in the UK care system, which always puts children at a disadvantage against the normal population; or losing 14 months of her life in jail in the USA. It is equally extraordinary that Percy says one thing, such as being a champion of abused children, and then goes and abuses children.

Time is running out for Rebecca Percy. Certainly, Percy has a good thing going at the moment, the product of: thinking short-term; making and leveraging opportunities; a ruthless manipulation and abuse of people; and a blindness to the greater picture. But, time catches up with people, the US immigration system will eventually kick Percy out of the USA; then there will be police investigations; and reality will crash in on Percy like a tsunami.

Are the Becki Percy claims of Molech worship in Hull UK a load of bull?

Becki Percy and her Satanic Ritual Abuse testimony is a poorly researched narrative lacking details such as the symbols, rituals and beliefs of her alleged Satanic cult in Hull UK. Percy has instead stolen ideas for her abuse testimony from Hampstead Satanic Hoax and from the testimony of Catherine Moncada. The internet is rich in information on Satanic cults such as Order of Nine Angles (O9A) who do halm children and sacrifice people to Molech or other entities; but for Percy, fiction is safer than reality, so she never mentions them.

According to Becki Percy, the people of Hull in the UK sacrifice thousands of children to a god called Molech as part of a “Satanic” cult. Percy clams the cult is run by her parents; who she also claims in her online petition against deportion from the USA plan to sacrifice her too. Percy alleges in her petition: “I also saw my parents and other in their ring sacrifice children to Molech.”

Like so many like Becki Percy, who have sold a story of Satanic cults doing wicked things to their own person and to children, the details about the religious practices, ideas, symbols and rituals of the alleged Satanic cults at the heart of their narrative are sparse on detail. One of the few details that Percy shares with the world is the name of the entity her Satanic cult worships – Molech.

Becki Percy is one of the most lazy people I have come across when it comes to an invention of a Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) story. Not only has Percy made little effort to research Satanism in order to make her narrative seem realistic, she with arrogance steals ideas from other people, then passes those ideas off as part of her own SRA narrative. Having stolen the idea for her SRA narrative from the Hampstead SRA Hoax, Percy stole the idea for Molech from Catherine Moncada; who, after describing her own abuse testimony involving Molech, was astonished to see Percy include the name of Molech in the videos that Percy produced about her own abuse testimony next day. Catherine Moncada writes in her blog:

“The day Rebecca made a video of satanic ritual abuse, she said ****, her father, her biological father, was going to sacrifice her to molech. The satanic god molech. Because according to Rebecca’s testimony **** Percy is very high up in a satanic cult. “

Catherine Moncada

Moncada adds:

“Rebecca made that video the next morning AFTER the evening she and I had sat outside and I told her of MY testimony of how “molech” came into play and was part of my testimony. The very next day she was on Twitter, tweeting the specifics of **** was going to sacrifice her to molech. Now there is the added specific of molech.

It bothered the CRAP out of me to see that. And I DID mention it to Howard BEFORE there was bad blood between anyone. I told him it bothered me.”

Catherine Moncada

What or who is Molech? Molech is a pagan god that the Jews and those in Carthage are said to have worshipped in ancient times. Molech is commonly depicted as a mix of human form with the head of a bull; and is associated with a complex creator god of time called Saturn or Cronus. There is mixed opinion amongst experts if there was ever a god called Molech, or if it is a title for a god of another name. In addition, there is debate of if the act of submitting children to the flames within the idol of Molech was sacrifice or a rite of passage of children to adulthood.

Amongst Christians, the name Molech is associated with the sacrifice of children. Amongst evangelical Christians, abortion clinics are places where children are sacrificed to Molech. The market that Rebecca Percy targets her abuse testimony to are those who describe themselves as QAnon or pizzagate believers, who believe in a conspiracy that an elite sacrifice children to Molech.

The majority of Satanists prefer to associate their worldview to the names of Satan, Lucifer or Baphomet, rather than Molech. Amongst those Satanists who believe in a literal Satan, there is limited motivation to associate with Molech, as it is a name connected to the Jewish culture.

Like most outlooks, there are extreme versions, and in Satanism, those associated with the Order of Nine Angles (O9A or ONA) do include Molech in their belief system. Although there is mixed debate as to how seriously the Order of Nine Angles should be treated, the ONA has in the last five years evolved into something far more dangerous than it was. The ONA are a global network of nexions, which has infiltrated many religions and political movements, attempting to overthrow the established order through their efforts to create violence and disorder: they are just as likely to be working inside a far right fascist group as they are within a marxist antifa group. The sexual exploitation of children and the profitable trade of child trafficking and child porn distribution has become a significant money making operation within the ONA. Amongst the ONA leadership is UK based convicted peadophile Ryan Fleming. The ONA encourage and carry out human sacrifice in a process they call culling. The ONA currently have one perhaps more brigades under training in Scotland; more and more young individuals are being arrested and convicted after coming into contact with the ONA, leading to lobby groups such as Hope not Hate calling for them to be banned as a terrorist group.

It is surprising that those such as Rebecca Percy fail to mention the Order of Nine Angles in their Satanic Ritual Abuse narratives. In the case of Percy, the O9A are very strong in the North of England, and their nexion in California USA under the leadership of Chloe Ortega (WSA 352) is local to where Percy lives in Carlsbad in California. When it comes to Satanism and the subject of human sacrifice, all roads lead to the Order of Nine Angles. The writings of the ONA are all over the internet, and they actively promote themselves and their ideas in Satanic forums and other mediums; despite the best efforts to suppress them in Satanism.

So why do people such as Becki Percy or her 22,000 QAnon supporters never mention the Order of Nine Angles in their Satanic Ritual Abuse communications? This is how twisted it gets for Percy, for it is safe to invent fairytales about her parents, pizza restaurants and Hillary Clinton being associated with the ritual sacrifice of children; but the real life existence of a dangerous true cult that harms children and kills people such as the Order of Nine Angles, is too realistic for Becki Percy; such a group within an hour drive of her known Carlsbad address in California USA might be too much reality for the fantasy making Percy’s mind to handle.