14/04/20 Catherine Moncada mentions Percy’s need for attention:  “Rebecca wanted 24/7 attention from me. How can I say that and be truthful at the same time? Every waking hour, she wanted it to be all about her. She wanted to sleep with me in my bed. That’s 24/7. ” Percy did not appear fearful of revealing her location in the USA: “If Rebecca was fearful for her life she did not guard her location. Whether Rebecca was telling the truth or all a lie she endangered all of us and I had multiple talks with Rebecca about online safety. Basically she told me to go eff myself in response.” On Percy being a manipulator: “Rebecca came to our home and began the manipulation of the entire household the day she got there. Every day, every minute of the day needed to be about her.” Percy’s actions put children in the Moncada home in danger: “We had an 8 year old child in our household, PLACED by social services. That child’s home and safety were endangered.” Moncada says Percy is a fraud: “Rebecca’s testimony is a complete fraud. If she experienced abuse it was nothing of what she says. She SAYS she has scars yet there are none.” Percy did not appear to have injuries from her alleged abuse: “I’m not trying to be crude or graphic but do y’all KNOW what a vagina and anus look like after abuse? Frankly, it would tear a person up. Multiply abusers. Dogs. Horses. 3 pregnancies?” On the vindictive nature of Percy and Wendy McAvene: “Why did you show up at your mothers house in the middle of the night and ask for her motor home? Then DEMAND the motor home? Did you not understand this could be very unsettling for an 82 year old woman? Rebecca? Why did you destroy the painting you so proudly displayed on your Twitter profile after your new grandmother said she did not want to give you guys the motor home?”  Percy can influence people, especially vulnerable people in a bad way: “It’s a pattern for people to be so deeply effected by Rebecca they lose their mind.”

03/04/20 On the kidnap “victim” Moncada says: “So the kidnapped victim in England could tell me every move Rebecca made and the focus was always how I could better serve Rebecca. They were relentless.”  Percy had no paperwork to support her allegations: “There was nothing in the paperwork which could support Rebecca’s testimony of being trafficked or satanically ritually abused.” Percy did not mention Satanic abuse in her immigration court cases: “Satanic ritual abuse was not part of her testimony in court for immigration. It was NOT part of her testimony prior to coming to the U.S.”  On the Molech allegation: “Rebecca made that video the next morning AFTER the evening she and I had sat outside and I told her of MY testimony of how “molech” came into play and was part of my testimony. The very next day she was on Twitter, tweeting the specifics of Lee was going to sacrifice her to molech. Now there is the added specific of molech.” Of Percy’s obsession with attention: “From my interactions with Rebecca, she has one goal. For everyone to be on Team Bex or Team Becki. It’s all about her. People who have been around longer have said they feel the same. Even Howard agreed Rebecca has an inordinate desire for attention.”  Evidently Percy has mentioned an individual in her care home as molesting her: “Has the female “caregiver” from the residential “care” home ever been caught out for the molestations and abuse of Rebecca? ”  Percy has also mentioned a “celebrity reporter” was involved in sex abuse against her.  Of interest about the threat Percy poses to children: “Why is there a list of parents who do not want or trust Rebecca around their children? How many exactly are on that list?.” Also, the threat Percy posed to the children in the Moncada family: “She deceived me on many levels but the one I MOST care about is I could not trust her with safety for the youth of my household.”

12/12/19 Becki Percy final appeal against deportation back to the UK is rejected in the Ninth Circuit of the US Courts of Appeal.

03/10/19 Comment on the Catherine Moncada blog from Kel who knew Percy from school: “Becky went to my school and I knew her during this time where she was supposedly abused. She never seemed to have any injuries whatsoever, she always looked healthy and well kept. She even attended the school prom with us all in a nice dress. There were some rumours that she had been abused but I think she started them herself so they likely weren’t true. Reading all this is very weird as this doesn’t seem to match up with the becky I saw and went to school with.”

Oct 2019 Defango investigate Becki Percy and her claims; and finds lack of evidence to support her allegations.

Oct 2019 (approx) Becki Percy starts an online petition on change.org asking President Trump to stop her deportation back to the UK.

Sept/Oct 2019 scheduled oral argument for Rebecca 9th circuit court of appeals.

Jul 2019 The male equivalent of Becki Percy known as Carl Beech is jailed in the UK for 18 years for perverting the course of justice, sex crimes and fraud.  Beech, like Percy, made extensive false allegations of child abuse against multiple named people.

09/06/19 Catherine Moncada reports that Becki Percy is running her fourth go-fund campaign to pay for attorney fees for her final court appeal against deportation in the Ninth Circuit of the US Courts of Appeal.  Moncada raises concerns about private donations to Percy, especially from vulnerable people: “..gave Rebecca money and it was MORE than a couple hundred dollars. This man is elderly. He IS fragile..”  Moncada estimates the cost to the American taxpayer of hosting Percy in the USA: “Rebecca has been in the U.S. for four years, has ALONE cost OVER a million dollars to our country in medical and immigration court proceedings.” Of Ron Mcavene: “The same two able bodied women who took Ron McAvene to the cleaners a few months ago. A 33 year marriage “cashed out”.”

18/05/19 Becki Percy launches fourth go-funding campaign. This is noted as shut down with zero donations.

06/03/19 Catherine Moncada says there was no mention of Satanic abuse by Percy before she came to the USA or whilst she was in jail:  “Coincidently, because I’m talking about coincidence; while Rebecca was in England, before she came to the U.S.; she did not mention satanic ritual abuse which became part of her testimony since arriving to the U.S. Coincidently when Rebecca was jailed for 15 months upon entry into the United States, there was no mention of satanic ritual abuse. I have the entire history of our conversation from Twitter, Facebook messenger and 15 months of letters back and forth.”  For Moncada it is important Percy is returned to the UK and her allegations investigated: “My conclusion is my family will not regain their privacy unless Rebecca is returned to the U.K. And a proper investigation made into all of her allegations.”  Percy had failed to use her time well outside of jail by further education, employment or dating: “Rebecca has been here since April of 2015 spending approximately 15 months in jail before being released. She has not gone to school. She has not got a job. She has not even gotten a date – the young men we introduced her to, would not date her because they did not believe her. They didn’t tell me at the time.”

Jan 2019 False allegation maker Sabine McNeill aged 74 and a supporter of Becki Percy is jailed nine years in the UK for serious harrassment of innocent families and children in Hampstead UK.

02/10/18 Hoaxtead writes a critical blog about the urban myth of Satanic hunts in a woodland setting, in which Becki Percy’s allegations of being hunted in a Hull woodland are mentioned.

29/09/18 Catherine Moncada reports on Becki Percy being a manipulator, liar and a source of constant drama: “Looking back? No evidence. No people. No scars. A lot of manipulation. I’m going to hit on that. The manipulation. With Rebecca, the fainting spells, no eating. Three trips to the E room.”

28/09/18 Catherine Moncada says in her blog that Becki Percy raised $16,000 in donations in three go-fund campaigns; and gained multiple gifts and donations outside of the go-funding.  Moncada says Percy and Wendy McAvene places intense pressure on people to donate to Percy.  Moncada describes the financial hardship of her family endured in paying for the bond money and visiting Percy in prison.  Moncada describes how Percy hides behind the idea of “never question a survivor” when people ask questions about her abuse narrative and her money-making tactics.  Percy accused a religious leader Billy Graham of being a child rapist without evidence.  Of the McAvenes and Moncadas: “We are all broke now. The McAvenes are taking a loss on their home. Wendy quit her job.”

23/09/18 Catherine Moncada reports on an alleged kidnapping of a friend of Becki Percy by the alleged cult in Hull.  This “kidnapping” caused Percy and members of the Moncada family to leave home for two weeks. The kidnap victim was taken to a building, into a room where there was a wall decorated like a shrine with “wicked” pictures of Percy at different ages.  The “victim” was tied to a table and made to watch porn videos of Percy on a non-stop loop.  They claimed to see Percy with a “go-pro” camera on her head.  Moncada observed that the “victim” always turned the conversation back to Percy rather than about their own ordeal, and they seemed reluctant to give details of their own ordeal.  The “victim” insisted Moncada sleep with Percy because of her trauma, which happened until Percy went to the McAvene family in Texas.  The “victim” and Percy pressured Moncada: “There was an adamant push to have me leave my home and strike off with Rebecca.”  Although this was not a reported issue during 14 months of jail time, Percy: “Rebecca would be in a trance of sorts for two and three days at a time. This was consistent. Up. Down. Days. Days. Days spent having ‘flashbacks’.  Moncada added: “This contact and conversation was all after ‘the kidnapping’. And the focus was always Rebecca and how I could improve myself for her. To meet her needs.”

16/09/18 Catherine Moncada writes about what Percy claimed that caused her to bring Percy to the USA: “According to Rebecca’s testimony to me, at that time, she was going to be made into a snuff film for her 19th birthday. I believed her. I hurriedly got her out of the country.  Now the ‘testimony’ has changed. Evidently the truth was.. (EDIT the real father of Becki) ..TOLD Rebecca he would sacrifice her to molech – the devil.”  When the Moncada “family was collapsing financially she (Percy) sent money to her former classmate because they were losing their flat.”  Moncada says she challenged Percy over dishonest claims in relation to her go-fund campaigns.  Moncada reports on the destruction of the McAvene marriage: “The McAvenes? They are taking a loss on the sale of their home. After 35 years of marriage. And getting a divorce.”

15/09/18 Catherine Moncada issues an apology to the real parents of Percy for her attitude towards them during the time Becki Percy stayed with her family.  Moncada says of Percy’s claim she was going to die at the age of 19: “..she was going to be in a snuff film for her 19th birthday. Now it’s satanically ritually sacrificed to molech.”  Moncada writes that Percy gave Wendy McAvene credit for paying her legal and living costs, when it was the Moncada family who did this. When Moncada recruited three pro bono immigration attorneys, Percy “thought she would call them and tell them she was thinking of finding a new attorney.” Percy was said to like drama: “She had to have mystery and intrigue no matter the danger to my family.”

07/09/18 Catherine Moncada writes that both she and her grandson feel that he was targetted by Percy through doxxing: “His response? “What the fuck did I do to her?” It hurt him badly and it’s not ok.”

02/09/18 Catherine Moncada is critical of Percy for allowing information of her grandson to be circulated on the web, and accuses her of: “Lie after lie in so many things.” Moncada consulted three Christian sisters: “..and they had no qualms about saying they did not believe Rebecca.”  Hoaxtead deny any connection to the Percy satire blog in the comments of the post.

23/08/18 Catherine Moncada writes that Percy came to the USA with a lot of paper, but none showed tangible evidence in support of her allegations.  Percy claimed that letters from her family had hidden meanings, but neither Moncada or their attorney could see any hidden meanings in the letters.  Percy told Moncada the name of the Hull woods she alleged where she was hunted in by the alleged Satanic cult.

14/07/18 Catherine Moncada writes a blog post saying Becki Percy placed the children in her family in danger by allowing photos and other personally identifiable information about them to circulate amongst third parties on the internet.  Moncada says of most of the abuse narrative Percy has given: “I think Rebecca is lying.” Moncada thinks Percy has got inspiration for her abuse narrative from watching YouTube videos: “I think Rebecca has watched YouTube videos to get a story.” Moncada agreed to be family to Percy, which Percy abused: “I offered and agreed to be family with Rebecca and it has been grossly abused.”  Percy also accused Moncada of abuse: “..but she has accused ME of abuse and neglect.”

Jun 2018 James Hind becomes involved investigating Becki Percy and her allegations.  His blog satanicviews is the first of many posts about Percy and her claims.

Jun 2018 Hoaxtead, a blog challenging a Satanic abuse hoax in Hampstead UK writes a series of critical articles about Becki Percy and her claims.

Jun 2018 Becki Percy and Wendy McAvene initiates a campaign of harrassment against the Moncada family on Twitter.

Jun 2018 Independent child abuse researchers An Open Secret investigate the claims of Becki Percy after she approaches them.  They find Percy “..Very evasive & refused to answer basic questions or provide ANY corroborating details..” They conclude Percy is a liar and fraud.

25/05/18 Rebecca posts links to the Becki Percy satire blog for the 2nd time. At this time Catherine Moncada wrote an email to Percy’s attorney.

19/02/18 A Becki Percy satire blog reports that Percy claimed to have sent a team of five to investigate her parents, and they ended in jail.  The incident was full of drama and intrigue, but lacked any details to authenticate as true; suspected as an invention created by Percy.

01/01/18 Percy initiates Texas Gofund campaign. The campaign raises at least $6030. A link here suggests the final total was $6600 before being deactivated.

Dec 2017 A satire blog appears on blogspot.com critical of Percy and her claims.

20/12/17 Becki Percy is now living in Pottsboro in Texas with a new family Wendy and Ronald McAvene that she refers to as her new “mum” and “dad”.  The relationship between Percy and Moncada has “..completely deteriorated.”

10/12/17 Percy promotes a link to the Becki Percy satire blog for the first time before there are entries on it.

13/10/17 Becki Percy join Ron and Wendy McAvene in Pottsboro Texas.

Late August, early September 2017 – Kidnapping of Becki Percy life long friend in Hull, England

Aug 2017 Percy creates an online petition against deportation on the Whitehouse platform.  The petition fails and is closed for lack of signatures.

Aug 2017 Wendy McAvene follows Catherine Moncada on Twitter.

14/01/17 Becki Percy runs a go-fund campaign in the name of Cameron Black for her new life in the USA: which raises $3,830.  The Moncada family who “sponsor” Percy evidently do not receive a penny, and are left in debt from paying the legal and living expenses of Percy.

Jun 2016 Becki Percy creates a Twitter account becki_p20 that attracts 22K followers that she uses to promote her allegations and various money-raising scams.  Percy starts making Satanic abuse allegations around this time.

16/06/16 Percy is allowed out from jail on $40,000 bail and $420 monthly maintenance plan. ; but has to wear a GPS ankle bracelet in case she decides to flee.

03/03/16 Percy is at Board of Immigration Appeals: appeal of judgement – denied

Oct 2015 Percy loses the latest of a series of court and immigration hearings to stay in the USA.  $40,000 bail is set for the price of freedom pending final court decisions on the deportation of Percy from the USA.

Aug 2015 Percy is at court before immigration judge to present evidence in support of asylum. Asylum denied.

09/05/15 Becki Percy birthday when she turns 19, and the UK care system ceases to have a legal obligation to look after her.  Percy claims on or after this day she will be murdered by her parents.

07/05/15 Becki Percy is represented by a pro bono immigration attorney recruited by Catherine Moncada

Apr 2015 Becki Percy begins 14 months of jail time in the USA.

22/04/15 Becki Percy flies out to the USA on a tourist visa intending to permanently stay in the USA as an illegal immigrant.  Immigration officers stop Percy at the US customs.  During her interrogation Percy claims political asylum claiming her family will kill her if she returned to the UK.

14/02/15 Catherine Moncada, a resident in California USA, reads the the blog post interview that Becki Percy made as reported on the The Burning Platform, and contacts Percy.  Moncada is seduced by the narrative of Percy that she is in immediate danger of murder after a lifetime of horrific child abuse by a Satanic paedophile cult in Hull UK. Moncada agrees to Percy coming to the USA to live with her family.

Feb 2015 Becki Percy is interviewed by Fenna Vlekke, via unspokenspoken.org. a copy of the interview appears on The Burning Platform site dated 03/01/17.  No allegations relating to Satanic abuse are mentioned in the Vlekke interview.

04/12/14 Percy relates in a personal blog her experiences in care.

03/12/14 Percy writes about her experiences with social services.  Echoing her later inappropriate relationships with Wendy McAvene and Catherine Moncada, Percy displayed a similar pattern with care staff in her home: “The relationships you’ve made with your carers is inappropriate.”

Dec 2013 Efforts by social services to rebuild the relationship between Percy and her real mother fail.  Percy does not see her mother again after Dec 2013.

Sept 2012 Percy joins Wyke Sixth Form College in Hull UK aged 16.

Jun 2012 Percy leaves Newland School for Girls in Hull UK aged 16.

02/07/11 The grandmother of Becki Percy, who she was close to, dies of lung cancer.  Percy reports in her blog:  “The hardest day of my life. I mean, I’ve been through a lot of pretty rubbish stuff in my life, but this… This just topped all.

Jul 2010 Percy is placed in a care home, and is no longer considered suitable for fostering.  Percy is considered an allegation maker by social services: “..they don’t believe a word that comes out of my mouth.”

Jun 2010 Now aged 14, Percy is with a foster couple, who has a young 2-year-old child.  The foster placement ended after 4/5 weeks after Percy accuses the male foster carer of raping her.  No evidence is found to support this allegation after police and social service investigations.

07/05/10 Two days before her 14th birthday, now staying with her uncle and his family, Percy makes child abuse allegations against her uncle and his family. No evidence is found to support these allegations.

Mar 2010 Percy makes child abuse allegations against her real mother.  No evidence was found to support these allegations.

Jan 2010 At the age of 13 Percy makes the first of a series of allegations of sex abuse against various individuals via a teacher, initially against her real father.  There is no evidence found to support the allegations after multiple police investigations. In this blog interview in Feb 2015 Percy said: “January 2010. That’s when my life changed forever. One of my teachers at school had been so supportive. My Nan was diagnosed with lung cancer just before that Christmas. I’d gone to her as a listening aid and that’s exactly what she was. I slowly built up the trust with her. And one day it came out..” [sex abuse allegations]

Dec 2009 The grandmother that Becki Percy was very close to announces to the Percy family she has lung cancer.  It is probably no coincidence that a cluster of allegations are made against various individuals in the following months by Percy after this cancer revelation.

2008 Catherine Moncada reports that Percy claimed: “at age 11 Rebecca gave birth to a child through a forced labor and delivery and the baby was blended in a blender and drank. For some reason, Rebecca and her ‘friend’ (I will get to that) were adamant Rebecca gave birth at 11 and the child was blended and drank by a few ppl.”

Sept 2007 Becki Percy started at Newland School for Girls in Hull UK aged 11.

2006 Percy claims at the age of 9 she was handed over to 10+ men to be tortured and raped multiple times; Percy claims this would continue until she fled to the USA in 2015.

2000 (approx) Percy claims on the first day of school at the age of 4, she was raped by her real father.

09/05/96 : Rebecca Emily Percy is born in Hull UK