What about the real parents of Becki Percy?

Since making her first allegations at the age of 14, Becki Percy has personally benefitted from allegation making. Percy currently lives in one of the most expensive places in the USA, paid for by her adopted sugar mummy Wendy McAvene. Percy has never had to work or get an education since leaving school, for her allegation making has paid for all her living expenses during her time in the USA.

The unwilling stars at the heart of the fantasy story of baby eating by Becki Percy are her real mum and dad based in Hull UK. These very distressed individuals have suffered ten years of constant harrassment and abuse by their only child Becki, who has evolved her story over the years from simple sex abuse to one of a Satanic cult killing thousands of children in Hull.

The dubious claims of Becki related to her parents

According to Becki, her parents are the leaders of a Satanic cult based in Hull UK worshipping the god Molech. In this narrative Becki claims to have been witness to the rape and murder of thousands of children by this cult on an industrial scale, even making the claim in an online petition that her parents ate children. Becki further claimed that she was a victim of many incidents of rape and torture, and had to flee the UK because she claimed her parents intended to sacrifice her to Molech.

How the claims of Becki evolved

There is a sense of the opportunistic about the sex abuse narrative of Becki, where it evolves to fit the need of the moment. Due to Becki being troubled by the terminal illness of her grandmother at around the age of 14, she was offered counselling by her school; which was when she made her first allegation that she was being abused by her father. With her father removed from the home, Becki then made allegations against her mother; and over the following months made allegations against a growing parade of people she was homed with, including other family members and foster parents. Placed in a care home, the narrative of abuse evolved from simple sex abuse into a child trafficking story, where Becki claimed to have been moved around the UK to be abused, a service that she claimed her parents gained an income for. On the verge of being evicted from her care home at the age of 18; Becki made the claim that she was going to be murdered by her parents, which caused a US Christian family – the Moncadas – to fly her out to the US to live with them. Becki, claimed political asylum when US immigration became suspicious about her intent on coming to the US; was jailed 14 months; then evolved her abuse narrative into a fullscale epic of Satanic Ritual Abuse for the benefit of her new US Christian supporters.

On the lack of evidence

The sex abuse narrative of Becki Percy lacks evidence to support it. The initial claims of sex abuse by Becki were fully investigated by the UK police and social workers, but they found no evidence to back those allegations with charges. The lack of evidence, and the strange way that Becki reported allegations against various people at different times, rather than all at once, earned her the title of “allegation maker” on her social services records. Becki never brought her claims of child trafficking or fears of being murdered by her parents to the UK police during her time in the UK. And, it was only after she was freed from jail in the USA that Becki started making claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). Cynically, Becki started using the name of Molech as the entity the alleged Hull-based cult worshipped only after her US host Catherine Moncada mentioned the name. Becki neither reported her SRA claims to UK or US law enforcement. Becki never provided evidence such as photos or medical reports as evidence of her alleged abuse to the US immigration authorities, her attorneys or the US courts. Those that encouraged Becki to report her SRA allegations to the police, or even did some work to help her by contacting them for her, were blocked, threatened and abused by Becki. Physically and mentally Becki does not present much evidence on video of being a victim of years of highly traumatic torture and abuse that she claims. The huge scale of rape and murder of children in Hull UK by an alleged cult has not caused other people to come forward about missing children as one would expect. Becki has taken no action to rescue or protect the thousands of victims of child abuse by the cult in Hull, or make much noise for any action to help them during the five years she has lived in the USA.

On the lack of details

The details Becki Percy offers in her evolving narrative of sex abuse lacks detail and is vague. Becki does not offer details such as the name of the cult, the rituals, the images and rules of that cult. Becki mentions first names such as Charlie, but no last names. Locations are never named, such as the places she claimed she was hunted in, or where bodies of children are buried. Becki has not provided much detail as to individual incidents of abuse, of what happened, what injuries she suffered, how she felt, and what was actually done to her. Becki claims she participated in activities of sex with dogs and horses, but gives no details as to locations, dates and ownership of those animals. Becki claims to have participated in child sex abuse photo and video activities, to have helped in the trade of indecent images of children on internet sites, but offers no details to an activity that would assist the police with their vast indecent image databases to track that content down. Becki claims a close friend was kidnapped in 2016, and subjected to a weird situation: of being tied to a table; forced to watch sex abuse video images of Becki on a loop; in a room created like a shrine to herself; with indecent images of children upon the walls; but offers no names or locations of that alleged victim in Hull to track them down.

Becki had an ordinary life according to her own social media

The social media posts from the 2010’s of Becki Percy shows an ordinary teen living an ordinary life: Becki expresses teen dreams of fame; complains about school life; is more concerned in her posts about her parents not loving her than any tangible serious sex abuse; socialises with her friends; posts pictures of her family activities and life; is more detailed about her issues with the UK care system. There is no indication in her social media posts of SRA, child trafficking and the trauma that Becki claims in her current abuse narrative. Former friends of Becki who this writer has spoken to, or have commented on social media about her allegations, indicate either surprise at her claims or accuse her of being a liar.

Becki had an ordinary working class family

There is nothing about the family of Becki Percy that suggests it is involved in a cult raping and murdering children in Hull on an industrial scale, run by her parents. The parents of Becki hold no positions of political power, nor do they indicate any evidence of great wealth. Media notability of the parents of Becki is limited to a report of a celebrity local cat. To run an operation of the scale in child rape and murder in a small city like Hull without anyone but Becki Percy talking about it, requires a high degree of influence and power; and such an operation produces a lot of money. Power and money is not expressed in the life of the mum and dad of Becki Percy: the mum works in a coffee shop; the father is focussed on the activities of his local football team. There is nothing in the social media posts of Becki Percy showing her family as having much money or power; they are an ordinary working class family.

How Becki Percy feels about her family

Becki hates her mother and father, but is strangely passive aggressive in her approach to them. In her videos where she has talked about her mother and father, her face twists into something of pure hatred and contempt, but not of anger and distress. Becki is more focussed in her video and blog posts about how her mother and father failed to love her in some way rather than about any traumatic abuse done to her. Despite giving out names, photos and work addresses, Becki has never given out the personal addresses of her mother and father or other members of her family to her rabid QAnon supporters. Despite claiming to have considerable knowedge about alleged criminal activities by her family, she does not use that knowedge to release it to law enforcement to destroy those she accuses of child sex abuse.

How the family of Becki Percy have reacted to her allegation making

The family of Becki Percy suffer in impotent silence. A criminal operation of the scale that Becki claims exists in Hull run by her parents, has a lot to lose from someone running around making claims about them, and thus would have the motivation and resources to use lawyers or assassins to silence her. No lawyers or assassins have come after Becki, and she has never been very worried about revealing her location in the USA at any stage during her stay there. The mother and the father of Becki Percy do not have the money or the power to do anything about Becki and her allegation making. The family of Becki suffer in silence, as they have done for ten years, chased off social media, unable to enjoy the liberties others have due to the harrassment they get from the ongoing allegation making of their vindictive daughter.

No smoke without fire?

The hatred Becki Percy feels for her family; the lengths she has gone to in order to suffer the harsh experience of going into the UK care system; claiming political asylum and her endurance of a 14-month stay in jail, would rightly cause people to reflect that there must be something to the allegations that Becki Percy makes: there is no smoke without fire as the saying goes. Becki Percy offers no evidence to support her allegations, nor is she prepared to bring an end to the rollercoasting hamster wheel she runs of endless allegation making on social media against her victims through a proper police investigation of those allegations. The only way everyone can be 100% certain that the allegations that Becki Percy has made is untrue, including those statements that she has made indicating she has been involved in child murder and illegal child abuse image distribution, must be via a proper police investigation, which will trigger upon her return to the UK. It is only by this police investigation, that this ten-year saga will be ended.

6 thoughts on “What about the real parents of Becki Percy?

  1. The nature of social media allows people like Becki to be (for a while) invulnerable. The nature of her libels makes it impossible for the mainstream media to cover the case without identifying the victims and putting them in danger.
    I do hope Becki will be coming back to the UK soon and that there will be a thorough investigation – who knows she could end up as famous as Carl Beech.
    Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. The only way of stopping Becki Percy and her allegation making is a full police investigation. Whilst Percy hides behind her social media accounts in the USA assisted by the US covid and immigration crisis, her reign of terror will go on.


  2. Can you please contact me? I have experienced months of this thinking she was for real. She used me and my family, along side her “mom”. They are the strangest pair I’ve ever come across.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It makes me sick that she is still getting away with this. I was manipulated by her as well and it truly hurt me and my family. I don’t know if she suffered any actual abuse, but she managed to evolve her story so many times and drained and used me for months. Horrible human.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Susan. I am sorry you have suffered at the hands of Becki Percy. Many individuals and families have been shattered by Becki, who is skilled at identifying and using vulnerable people. Becki is a very manipulative and deceitful individual. I have looked into the claims of Becki Percy, which I have recorded in this blog, and found no evidence of abuse. The claims of Becki fall apart when closely examined.


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