These links are to primary sources relating to Becki Percy and her allegations:

Duffy1958 blog by Catherine Moncada who brought Becki Percy over to the USA in 2015 and hosted her as part of her family for 3 years; her negative experiences and insights in relation to Becki Percy duirng her time in the USA.

Be the Bigger Person Blog by Becki Percy covers the period Nov 2014 to Mar 2015.  Percy relates about experiences in care; of feelings of self-harm; loss of her grandmother; makes allegations of abuse against her parents.  Percy makes no mention of Satanic ritual abuse or of any personal experiences of large scale rape and murder of children by a cult in Hull UK,which she later claimed was also abusing her.

The Burning Platform is a blog that carries an interview with Becki Percy that was done in Feb 2015 and published to that platform with additional comment on 03/01/17.  The allegations that Percy was making in 2015 did not mention Satanic abuse, which evolved into her sex abuse narrative a year later after leaving jail in the USA.

Online petition by Becki Percy to stay in the US, started in approx 2019.  The header of the petition is: “Help Becki Percy stay safe in the USA – Survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse.” The petition carries a video and written post of the abuse narrative Percy refers to as her “testimony.”

Becki Percy YouTube channel – contains 33 videos by Percy in relation to her abuse narrative.

Satanicviews – blog written by James Hind, who has been actively challenging the Becki Percy abuse narrative since 2018.

Becki Percy survivor YouTube channel– run by someone critical of the Percy abuse narrative containing 21 videos, that summarises some key claims Percy has made in her videos. a satire blog that strongly challenges the Percy abuse narrative, containing a useful resource of screen captures and comment about the allegations and activities of Percy written between Dec 2017 and Sept 2018.

Court Judgement relating to the final appeal in the political asylum case of Becki Percy against deportation from the USA that happened 12/12/19 in the US Courts of Appeal in the Ninth Circuit where the appeal of Percy against deportation was denied.

Becki Percy Periscope channel containing 20 videos relating to her abuse narrative.

An Open Secret investigation of Becki Percy and her abuse narrative that found her: “Very evasive & refused to answer basic questions or provide ANY corroborating details.”

Defango investigates the Percy abuse narrative after Percy refuses to come onto their show – they find there is a lack of evidence in support of the Percy claims.

Defango interview Catherine Moncada about her experiences of hosting Becki Percy with her family 2015-2017.