Time will run out for Becki Percy

Time is running out for false allegation maker Becki Percy.

This must be a frustrating time for the many victims of Becki Percy. Back in December of 2019, the US courts gave their final verdict that illegal immigrant and fake asylum seeker Becki Percy had no case to stay in the USA, and had to be deported back to the UK. And, here we are in June 2020, and Becki Percy remains free: out of jail; still in the USA; and still harrassing her many victims with false allegations.

The legal system in the USA is slow and ineffective. For Becki Percy, it has been five years since the first court judgement that she be deported to the UK to that final appeal in December 2019 that upheld the original judgement. And now, further delays, because of coronavirus and a chaotic US immigration system, that is overburdened and under resourced.

Equally frustrating must be the relentless harrassment of Becki Percy against her many victims, who feel they have no legal remedy to their situation. Becki Percy probably feels untouchable, having waged her war from inside the borders of the USA, where the legal system is different state to state, and the UK police have little motivation to connect with their US counterparts about the harrassment. Nor is Percy willing to report her allegations to the police; and nor do her victims have the financial resources to employ international lawyers.

In what would be an admirable attitude in a different context, Becki Percy leverages every opportunity she has to the maximum to fight from a losing situation, adding to the sense of suffering of her victims. The harrassing online petition against deportation that Percy created two years ago, continues to be marketed to the hilt, gathering hundreds of signatures a day, despite the petition having no legal sway over her deportation. Percy has rebuilt her Twitter following by several hundred, after falling back in the previous six months. Percy enjoys what to some is a stress-free holiday by the beach in one of the most wealthiest locations in the USA in Carlsbad California. And Percy can harrass even little children, and suffers no legal comeback.

To Becki Percy, her allegation making has rewarded her beyond her dreams. She has a devoted following, who literally slave for her, paying all her bills, flattering her ego of how wonderful she is. Percy hs no need to work, just make a few internet posts, and the world is her oyster.

Percy does not have the mind to see the big picture or the long term consequencies of her activities. Percy has no mental inhibitions to wake her up to how her actions harm both others and herself. It is quite extraordinary that Percy will subject herself to five years in the UK care system, which always puts children at a disadvantage against the normal population; or losing 14 months of her life in jail in the USA. It is equally extraordinary that Percy says one thing, such as being a champion of abused children, and then goes and abuses children.

Time is running out for Rebecca Percy. Certainly, Percy has a good thing going at the moment, the product of: thinking short-term; making and leveraging opportunities; a ruthless manipulation and abuse of people; and a blindness to the greater picture. But, time catches up with people, the US immigration system will eventually kick Percy out of the USA; then there will be police investigations; and reality will crash in on Percy like a tsunami.

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