The end draws nigh for panic-stricken Becki Percy

The end of a five year reign of terror by former Hull UK resident Rebecca Percy from the safe haven of Carlsbad in the USA is drawing to a close.

Becki Percy has spent years playing a little vulnerable girl, allowing her to parasite upon others such as her enabler and sugar mummy Wendy McAvene, whilst using and abusing other people. Now at the age of 24, Percy increasingly will find it harder to play the creepy little girl, such as asking Wendy McAvene to go to bed with her. Reality and adult responsibility will come crashing into Becki Percy when she is deported to the UK in the near future.

The Republican US President Donald Trump whom Becki Percy has hung all her hopes upon to help her stay in the USA is defeated; his term of office will end 20 Jan 2021. The new US President will be Joe Biden, who will pump resources into the cash-starved US immigration service; and will bring order to the immigration chaos by sorting those who should stay in the US from those who have no right to stay. The chaos in US immigration is part of the reason that Becki Percy remains in the USA despite having her final appeal against deportation to the UK rejected in December 2019. Even if Biden does delay the deportation of Becki Percy, the letter of the law is that Percy must be kicked out of the USA, and legally, this is a point of future certainty; it is only a question of when Percy will be deported.

Another issue that has helped Becki Percy to stay in the USA is the coronavirus. Under Donald Trump the US has been unable to launch an effective effort to curb the virus, allowing it to spead far and wide killing many thousands of people per day. Again, under Biden, efforts will be organised to bring the virus under control backed by vaccines. It is predictable that Becki Percy will no longer have the cover of covid to keep her in the USA. But, the blessing covid has offered to Percy to stay in the USA is a double-edged sword, for if either Becki Percy or her girlfriend-ala-adopted-sugar-mummy Wendy McAvene become sick with covid, there are the expensive medical bills to pay for, which Percy has no medical insurance coverage against.

Becki Percy continues to entertain the delusional belief that an online petition to Donald Trump to ask him to overrule the US laws, courts and the judges will save her from deportation. In the five years that the online petition has been going it has gained less than 25,000 signatures, of which many of those signatures are duplicated, or signed by bots and non-US citizens. Officially, Becki Percy is a failed asylum seeker and carries the status of illegal immigrant; Trump is well known to be hostile to both asylum seekers and illegal immigrants. Trump also has many more urgent matters to worry about than to pay attention to an individual like Becki Percy, who tried to enter the US by fraud, ending up in jail for 14 months for her audacity to enter the US on a tourist visa intending to stay on a permanent basis.

In desperation, Becki Percy has explored alternative social media sites to boost her flagging online status and stay in the USA. An adventure into TikTok, a site mostly used by children and younger people with no interest in a boring creature like Becki Percy offering only self-pity and a fantasy of Satanic Ritual Abuse, was a failure, attracting no real interest in her “testimony.” Having taken years of ongoing criticism on Twitter, Percy abandoned Twitter and followed her core market of QAnon supporters to Parler, but found very limited success from a platform swarming with spam and conspiracy nonsense.

Becki Percy has recently deleted all her YouTube videos that detailed her claims without evidence of Satanic Ritual Abuse against innocent people. In what is a sign of panic by Percy, it is believed she is preparing for a return to the UK; and a hope that by removing evidence of her illegal activity, she will escape the consequencies of years of abuse and false allegation making. This writer however has copies on file of the relevant videos, so can reproduce them on the internet or to the police when the situation requires.

It is the determination of this writer and others that Becki Percy must answer for the activity and allegation making she has pursued in five or more years against the innocent. Becki Percy no longer looks like a vulnerable 12-year-old when she illegally entered the USA in 2015, she now has the face of a cruel and worldly mature woman, who must now face the responsibility and reality that a grown woman is expected to face by the age of 24. The world moves on, and Becki Percy will be forced to move on from playing a little girl on the charity of others whilst abusing and using those around her. It is time for Becki Percy to grow up and face reality.

2 thoughts on “The end draws nigh for panic-stricken Becki Percy

  1. Considering that even under Biden I think the US will still be dealing with coronavirus for a good long time (he says “I’m gonna shut down the virus” but without much of a visible plan other than just get everyone to wear a mask and take the vaccine), which means that Becki Percy getting out of the US will remain complicated and messy. That she’ll be deported in the end is a given, there can be no doubt of that, but realistically the US is so knee deep in the virus that it could be two years before they are finally past it. Even with the vaccine, the fact that there are people who will refuse to take it, and there are a lot of anti-vaxxers over there, may present a problem and represent a delay in the US’ ability to move past the pandemic.

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